B&P Link Dump

Painting It Forward  (FB)

Horse breaks down at funeral  ⇒  

Why Frogs Ribbit

The Best Road Trips in North America

The French Town on the Edge of a Giant Hole

After you die, you’re aware that you’ve died

The Way Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

16 History Questions People Always Get Wrong

20 Worst Products for Left-Handed People

Carl Sagan Had On Why Aliens Aren’t Visiting Earth

The Tomato and Mayo Sandwich is The Ultimate Summer Food

Cat filter accidentally used in Pakistani minister’s live press conference


5 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. Fyi, here’s the weird “redirect”, and it happened with “Why Frogs Ribbit” nowiknow.com link.

    I opened all the links in new tabs in sequence and watched the tabs as they loaded. 3rd “Why Frogs Ribbit” link started opening as “nowiknow.com….. ” URL then flipped to this:


    Pretty sure it was same “nowiknow.com” site in previous “redirects’ too but it doesn’t redirect when you click the link a second time so hard to confirm. But I think I saw the same address flash before the “redirect” previously.

    Also pretty sure I grabbed a screen cap but nothing showed up when I tried to paste it into a jpeg. So yeah… weird.

    Also weird… tried “trydaytoday72.agency” as URL and “competition6452.trydaytoday72.agency” as URL, both blank except for “Under Construction”

    Hope this helps.

    Btw, come here often. Thanks for the fun.

  2. Maybe but so far no other sites I visit do this, and scans for viruses and malware come up empty. Weird. Maybe other person who noted this has more info. Or maybe it’s something weird at NowIKnow site.

    I entered the whole redirect link in a duckduckgo search and someone else noted the same thing happening previously (8May2019) at b&p, same NowIKnow link issue:


    Also looks like something to do with Google Analytics (“utm_campaign” in redirect link is some sort of keyword):



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