4 thoughts on “We’re glad you’re home…”

  1. Only a seriously-delusional Trumpster could think this was funny. Sorry, but the Russians may not have pooped in the hallway but they did commit an act of war against us through intensive cyber-crime via the GRU, Russian Military Intelligence. They subverted American elections through the dissemination of disinformation and propaganda filled with lies, and they hacked directly into voter rolls in multiple states.

    So, ha. ha. Such a hilarious joke.

    • Because Americans have never done worse? We could teach the Russians a thing or two about interfering in other countries’ affairs.

  2. I may be somewhat delusional but I can’t say that I’m “seriously delusional”, but I’d consider myself pretty far away from being a ‘Trumpster’ and I thought it was funny.
    Different strokes for different folks, I guess.


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