11 thoughts on “When George H.W. Bush got to Heaven…”

  1. Nixon, Reagan and Bush Sr…three treasonous bastards. It should be no surprise there’s another Republican treasonous bastard in office.

    The surprise is any of them going to heaven.

        • Was Hillary and Obama’s involvement in Benghazi a treasonous act? I think so.

          Here’s the rub, my first post mentioned Obamas color, the same color that I am, and his being born to an unwed mom makes him a bastard. But Jonco deleted my post cause I’m a conservative. You got to put a more vile post but yet yours was allowed. Free speech on this site is dead. That could be why few people post here. Just a guess.

          • Three years of investigations turned up ZERO indictments on the Benghazi thing. In less than two years, Mueller had, what, 18. And more indictments followed. At least Hillary testified. That’s something Trump won’t do and won’t let others do–in defiance of the law! Each time he does that, he commits obstruction of justice. What is he hiding? It must be something huge or he would allow everyone to testify to prove his supposed innocence. Anyhow…

            What you fail to see is you are unable to discern the difference between a fact and a lie. Obama’s mother was married to his father when he was born, three months pregnant, but married nonetheless. (https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/OTUS/unordinary-facts-president-obamas-mother/story?id=16330771) But to some, hate and truth simply do not mix well, so believing a lie comports better with one’s inability to educate themselves, mostly because it means less effort to remain ignorant. Learning are hard, ya know.

            See, where you fail in coming to an opinion is you have no viable source. I, on the other hand, have sources.

            Nixon & treason: https://www.ibtimes.com/lbj-tapes-show-richard-nixon-may-have-committed-treason-sabotaging-vietnam-peace-talks-1131819

            Reagan, Bush (the elder) & treason: https://www.csmonitor.com/Commentary/Global-Viewpoint/2013/0305/Argo-helps-Iran-s-dictatorship-harms-democracy

            It is speculated that one of the reasons for the Watergate break in was that Nixon feared the Democrats had LBJ’s tape and feared it would be used against him in his reelection.

            Reagan is fairly obvious. That’s what the Iran-Contra scandal had its roots in. The GOP knew he committed treason, which is why they allowed the investigation to only go as far back as 1981. Any further and it would’ve been over for Reagan.

            Then Barr got Bush to pardon a half dozen that would’ve led a pending investigation into his participation in that act of treason

            See, I KNOW Republicans are crooked. In fact they literally cannot win unless they cheat, which is why they engage heavily in election fraud, but call it voter fraud to fool the rubes. The irony is, any voter fraud found tends to be a registered Republican.

            BTW, I am using “bastard” as pejorative, not in the literal sense. I could have called them all assholes. They all have one, but they aren’t actual human-sized sphincters, but maybe then that term would have been easier to grasp the intent.

          • Cry me a river. Jonco deleted my post that provided supporting facts to what I said. But I also understand that free speech is not protected on a privately owned site. I may not agree with his censorship, but I have to respect it.

            • C.A.I. There were 5 copies of the exact same comment. I thought I left one visible but it’s not there now. This time there were 3 copies of the same comment. I deleted 2 of them and left one. (note: Any comment that has more than 3 links in it is automatically held for approval as many comments like that are spam.)
              As far as the other comment that was deleted, I took it as racist and deleted it. If it wasn’t meant that way, I’m sorry.

              I’m going to close the comments on this post because no one is going to change anyone’s opinion, and it disturbs me that what I found humorous turned into a pissing contest that no one wins.

  2. Oh, China Girl, your post was almost certainly deleted because it was a lie, not because you were conservative. Where did you get the idea Obama was born to an unwed mother? And why would it possibly matter?

    And, please, FFS, explain how Benghazi was treason?! (Pro tip: look up the definition of words before you use them. You’ll look less foolish!) And, considering that a record number of hearings were held about Benghazi, and NONE of which managed to find the Obama or Hillary could have affected what happened, it’s time to stop beating that dead horse. Curious, though, where is your concern for the 4 men who died in Niger, where they were sent on a mission directly by Trump? He WAS responsible for their deaths. But you don’t care about that debacle? Or did you never hear about it because you only watch Fox?

  3. Oh Lynda, now who’s beating a dead horse. What has CNN done to you. You repeat yourself. That’s one of the symptoms of TDS. Too funny!


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