Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Summer-like weather is here. We’ve been getting quite a bit of rain and temps in the 90°F range.

The weekend: Going to a 50th birthday party for my son and his girlfriend on Saturday.  Sunday I might get outside and do some work if it stops raining early enough and it’s not too wet.  We have dinner with friends on Sunday evening, so I’m not sure the outside work will happen.  FYI: My hand and wrist have returned to normal after several days of pain and swelling.

TV Binging:  We’re into the third season of The Fall (Netflix). Several series we watch (Sneaky Pete (Amazon) and Kim’s Convenience (Netflix) among them, have returned and we want to finish The Fall before we start on them.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. Florida or California for me… or at least a warmer climate. I’d be okay without dealing with snow and ice on a regular basis. Not that I wouldn’t mind visiting in the winter.


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