Weekend Open Mic

Weather: It looks like rain in Jonco’s wet terrain. Temps aren’t bad but I could do with a little less moisture.

The weekend: Going to a St. Baldrick’s fundraiser that benefits children fighting cancer on Saturday. I have some friends that will be shaving their heads for the cause.

TV Binging: Caught up with Killing Eve (BBC America) and started watching Barry (HBO). I’m also really enjoying The Village (NBC).

Likes: We’re approaching 98,000 likes on B&P since we implemented the Like button 16 months ago (July 2017).

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. Hope the Kids cancer fundraiser does well. We have them here as well, advances in research medicine have done wonders, but a long way to go before no child will have to die. It is an insidious indiscriminate disease, affects whole families. I underwent a shoulder joint replacement 9 days ago, and first week felt so sorry for myself, then I thought to get to over 70 and had a relatively healthy life, is no reason to wallow in self pity. Sick children face their pain and endure the treatment with far more bravery than we could ever imagine.

    • It was heartbreaking to hear parents come up and talk about their kids who died from one form of cancer or another. Someone there said that it’s a very small percentage of money for cancer research is specifically earmarked for cancer in children. I don’t know how much they raised but I had 4 friends that had their heads shaved today. One of them hasn’t had a haircut or shave since he did the same thing last year. This is his annual haircut.


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