Friday Firesmith – Mom and Me

I’ll leave it to history to judge what happened between my oldest sister and my mother. Mom moved in with her after Mom’s husband of thirty-seven years died. Mom and sis lasted about a year or so, and then suddenly, right about the time Michael hit, they parted ways and Mom moved into an apartment. Well, I can’t image someone who has lived in a house with someone for most of her life suddenly moving into an apartment alone. It wasn’t working out, and Mom started talking about moving into an assisted living home. It’s been since 2001 since I lived with another human being, and there hasn’t been anyone in my spare bedroom since I had a party and someone tripped over the stuff in there and fell. Long story, nevermind.

So, March 16th,  we moved Mom in with the Mutts and me. She had come to visit a couple of times, to see what had to be done before she could get all her stuff in, and okay, it was a lot. But of all things, I saw coming, and all those I feared I might have missed, Budlore Amadeus, The Dog Life Hanging, adopted my mother.

No seriously.

From the first time she sat down on the sofa, Bud decided this was his human.

There was a lot of work to do to get the place ready for Mom to live in, and we had her stuff and my stuff, all of it, crammed into the house. There was hardly room to move around. It didn’t matter. The Pack rallied around the new person. Bud refused to share her. The first night here, he slept at the end of my Mama’s bed and guarded her.

We’re getting used to living in the same house again. That hasn’t happened since the 70’s, and at eighty-two, you can bet this woman was tossing the dice, big time, moving in with a Hermit who hasn’t shared a kitchen with anyone since Taylor Swift was in diapers. Yet here we are, with one of my most reactive and odd acting dogs, who suddenly decided that he was going to be a pillar of the community or pillar of the pack, and act right.

I took Mom to church last Sunday (Blogged it) and she didn’t like that one so we’re going to try again next Sunday. Mom wants to go to church and until she finds one she likes, I’m pulling escort duty.

In all of the divisive things I have ever written, and there have been times I’ve gone looking for a fight, this is something I bet we can all relate to this in some way. Mom has come home. Decades ago she brought me into this world and took care of me. Now, I have a chance to make sure my Mom spends her Golden Years in comfort and safety, and happy. We’re setting up a paint studio soon so she can paint and draw, and she spends time out on the deck, in the shade listening to the birds and watching the dogs play.

There’s a television my in the house now. That takes some getting used to, certainly.

All I know is an odd and troubled dog now has a mission. How he knew Mom was Mom and not just a guest, I cannot say. But the transition into moving into this house has been softened by the dog at her side.

How she slept her first night in the apartment, I cannot say, but this was her first night here.

My Mama is home. And my pack as risen to protect her and to love her.

This is the most awesome thing that has happened here in many years!

Take Care of your own,


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12 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Mom and Me”

  1. I ‘m glad to hear you’re happy, Mom’s happy, and the pack is happy. When you first mentioned it was going to happen I was worried the fiefdom of Firesmith would implode.
    After all, the dogs are flexible but old codgers like you get set in their ways. ha ha

  2. I don’t think I will be the only one who had to wipe my eyes reading that piece. God bless your dear Mum, and tho you have your own ideas about religion, God bless you too Mike. I emailed you a piece I wrote about my Mum a few weeks back, how due to circumstance of distance from my home, and my Dad no longer able to care for her, we put her into a care facility near to my father’s home. Had I known she would last less than three months, I would have moved in with Dad and helped care for her. I will forever regret that I didn’t. You have done the right thing, you are a son to be proud of. Oh and God bless the canine angel.

    • SandG, I heard a lot of Mom stories lately. I am very fortunate to have this opportunity, the space, the time and money to do it, too. And Budlore Amadeus.

  3. The Dog Left Hanging has the most beautiful of eyes and hearts. Now he’s found his home and his purpose. To keep Mama company and protect her in her golden years. You were in the right place at the right time for him for sure.

    • Chick, I truly believe those two were meant to be together. Bud is in her room right now. The others are with me. I could not have planned it better, and I wondered what trouble Bud would cause Mom. But look at them! Bud was meant to be Mom’s. And my Mom was meant to be here!

  4. What a beautiful article you wrote! Your Mum seems like a lovely person who appreciates the beauty of your peaceful environment. I’ll bet she lives a far healthier and longer life at your home than she would have anywhere else.
    I was both surprised and interested that you wrote: “There’s a television in the house now. That takes some getting used to, certainly.” I have never known another person who would happily live without a TV! I would much prefer to live in the peace and serenity of Nature and never see a TV again! So the fact that you are adapting to having one in the house amazes me. I have to ask … how did you adjust to that? Really. My husband is a television addict. He cannot go without a TV on …. even when he’s sleeping! After 44 years of marriage, I still haven’t come to accept it, so I’d love to know, please, what steps you took to become accustomed to the TV.

    • Lady Di, mostly, when Mom wants to watch television at great length she does so in her own room. I stay in my room otherwise. It’s a small price to pay to make Mom happy.

  5. This is a wonderful and life-affirming story. That dog! Oh my gosh, what a wonderful companion he is for your beautiful mother! I’m so glad they found each other!
    And you are such a good man. May you be blessed for your kindness.


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