Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Spring has sprung! Warmer and wetter days ahead. YAY on the warmer part.

The weekend:  Friday afternoon we started replacing an old, old fence, that was covered with vines for a very long time.  Last Sunday we cut most of the vines away and hauled them off.  The fence below is in very bad shape.  I’m probably in better shape than the old fence and I’m not in very good shape. I dug two new post holes Friday night.  Have about 8 more to go. 

TV Binging:  We finishes two seasons of Secret City (Netflix) a couple of nights ago. We watched a couple of episodes of Northern Rescue (Netflix) Friday night. 

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. We all only see what is in front of us, for me it is the back garden outside my window … for you it is that old USAcentric point of view. Celebrate the spring if you will, but for half the world, i.e. me, we are fronting up to the end of summer and we have daylight saving ending soon too.
    At least you didn’t measure everything in old fashioned imperial feets and leagues, et cetera (he said, using an old fashioned language)

  2. …. and the word lol.
    Screenwise I’ve watched The Bodyguard, Ozark, Fargo and After Life, all on Netflix, in the last few months, all quite good.
    Here in New Zealand we had a shooting in our southern island, 50 people dead, shocking and made worse because we thought we were very far from the USA in distance and culture, but seems not.
    Our newspapers and the like are saturated with the details, even 10 days after the fact.
    A dry spell has killed most of the grass outside my pre-mentioned window, although the section I never mow under the shrubs has faired well and provides good fodder for the rabbits that live in the garden.
    The Saab wagon I have had since the turn of the century needs its turbo replaced soon, a bit of a chore as the fall off a 2 metre high scaffold last year means I don’t bend as well as I used to ! But so happy I didn’t land on my head and die !
    Sorry if my other comment seems nasty or whatever, I live in a one hundred year old house in a town that sits on the end of a gap between two mountain ranges and that means the winds howl through here some times, and they’re bitterly cold come the winter.
    Everything is relative, it doesn’t snow where I live so when I say bitterly cold, I don’t mean like Minnesota, I just mean I hate it.
    I like summer and envy those entering it (although you often hear me whinging about the heat mid January).

  3. Well, there are a lot of folks around the world…and in the USA itself…that are either totally convinced that a singular American President is responsible for every evil in the world or at least, a good deal of it. The inescapable truth is though, that evil exists everywhere and it will show up anywhere.

  4. Digging post holes will separate the men from the boys. Even with an auger it’s brutal work, and digging them manually – well… Go man, GO!!!

    • I hear ya. I rented an auger and dug about 7 or 8 of them, but had to do about 4 or 5 by hand. Digging actual hole wasn’t too bad with a manual post hole digger until I hit some big ass roots. I had to use my reciprocating saw on a couple of them so I could get the holes deep enough.


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