Not all heroes wear capes…


As cool as this is, the sad part is that we know this asshole most likely threw the trash out again and the guy had to sweep it up again.
I had a similar incident like this once when I owned a convenience store. I sold a guy a sandwich and some chips. He sat in his pickup truck across the street from the store to eat his lunch and I saw him toss the sandwich wrapper out his window. I casually went out and picked it up as he was talking on his phone. I tossed it into the bed of his pickup and I don’t think he realized it. I figured he’d get out and just throw it out again, but at least he’d have to do that. I don’t think he saw me do it so he drove off with his trash. A small victory, but it felt good to do that.


2 thoughts on “Not all heroes wear capes…”

  1. I knew someone who would see people flick cigarette butts out of their car windows and he’d go over to them, pick it up and flick it back into their car, trying for the back seat saying “you dropped something”.

    • This reminds me of when I was a teenager in the backseat of a friend’s mom’s car. The mom flicked her butt out the driver’s window, and it came right back into the back window that was down just an inch or so. The butt burned a spot on her daughters leg, who was sitting directly behind her mom. First the daughter started screaming, then the mom, and we are lucky to not have had an accident because of the whole incident.
      Cigarettes are bad for you, people!!!


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