2 thoughts on “Working with what you got…”

  1. An Irish carpenters level. Less than an hour ago, I took an unopened bottle of vodka
    and put it on its side on my computer desk. I compared it to the bubble level app on
    my smart phone. In my workshed I have 24″ and 36″ box beam level, two LASER
    torpedo levels (1 crossbeam,) a non rotary self aligning crossbeam level and a
    surveyor’s pole with a LASER detector, and a stringline level. The MOAL (Mother
    Of All Levels) is my Starrett machinist level. It is good for either .005″ or .003″ per
    foot. Being part Irish, I forgot which.

    I have worked in injection and blow molding plants as a field service mechanic.
    The molds are probably precise to <001"

    Bottom line, an unopened bottle of hooch would be accurate enough to hang paintings
    and frame a house!


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