Friday Firesmith – Trump

I vowed never to write about politics here, ever again, but I’m curious about a few things. The first is this: If you voted for Trump are you getting what you wanted? Is America Great Again yet? Is what you are seeing out of this President what you were looking for in the voting booth? Is the position, the office of the President, elevated because of his election? Does the man’s character and demeanor seem presidential to you? Has he brought to the White House a sense of nobility and honor?

The men and women Trump has employed as servants of the American public, do they seem to be the best people who could assume positions of power and policy? Does the people who speak for the President seem forthright and honest, respectful of the truth when dealing with the media,
and the citizens of America?

Are our alliances with our friends stronger? Does America enjoy the respect and admiration of other countries because of the leadership skills and diplomacy of our nation’s highest office? Do those nations historically hostile to the interest of America fear this man will create a stronger
and more unified allied force, with those nations who have always supported us in times of strife?

Are our nation’s institutions of learning, from the first grade to public Universities, better off under this administration? Is education a priority, is it respected and honored by this president, and will the children of America look back at his term as one that elevated the intellectual
prowess of this country? Is there a clear vision as to where our public education is, should be, and will be in the future?

Are we a better society? Are we more unified now? Do we have a better understanding of how to resolve difficult issues without hostility and conflict because of our President? Is there a concise and tenable process by which there is resolution between our two major parties, overseen by the leader of this country so that our needs are served by a spirit of bipartisanship? Are his communication skills with his opposition such that agreement can be reached on issues vital to this country’s survival?

Is the world a safer, cleaner, and more stable place because of this president? Globally speaking, are things better now? Has The Leader of the Free World shown expansive and stable guidance that other nations might follow in critical issues that affect all humanity? Is there a vision from America that others might yearn to emulate? Does the beacon from the Statue of Liberty still shine brightly for others to see?

Are we better people? Do we enjoy a life free from intrusion and anxiety? Are we living longer lives that are healthier lives now? Are we on the path to do so? Will our children inherit a better world for having this president? Will we be able to give them that world, and be happy for having done so?

Did you get what you voted for in the last election? Do you regret your vote?

Take Care,

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  1. thought provoking article. dogmatism is the main feature of this movement. oddly enough, trump doesn’t like dogs.

  2. Did not vote for him, so here you go:
    No. N/A. No. Hell no. No.
    No. Hell no. No. No. Ha ha, hell no.
    No. No. No. No. No.
    Nope. No. No. No. No. No.

  3. I didn’t vote for him and I expected 4 years of ho hum, nothing gets done.

    He has proven me naive to the incredible damage he could do.
    Giving nuclear secrets to the Saudis, (remember 9-11?), is unbelievable.

  4. All your questions could have been asked of the previous administration which did not have to fight the opposition party on everything he NEEDS to do. I am well satisfied that he has tried to fulfill all the campaign promises made while running for president. Is he an ideal president? I would have to say no but he is so much better than previous administrations (in my opinion!) that there is no comparison.

  5. I voted for Trump and will be happy to vote for him again. I am a conservative and his appointments to the supreme court are exactly why I voted for him. I couldn’t be happier.
    I think the postion…the office of the President is elevated from the low point of having a president getting head while discussing deploying troops ala Clinton. So from that low point, yes, the position is elevated.
    Our alliances stronger? Oh my yes ! Look at how they respected his demands to pay their share to NATO. Has our alliance with Israel ever been stronger? This has to be a highpoint with them.
    Is education better? That’s an odd question. He hasn’t really intervened in that arena…nor have other presidents. Odd question.
    Are we a better society. No. Not because of what Trump has done, but because we have sliding towards being a vulgar, violent and small minded society for some time now. The problem isn’t coming from the right on this. The problem is coming from the left, who have now declared that if they don’t like the results of an election, they are going to reject everything about it. I don’t recall it being very popular to declare FUCK OBAMA like it is to declare FUCK TRUMP. Again, this doesn’t reflect Trump, but rather the crude and vulgar people who oppose him. So, no, society is worse off…but not because of Trump.

    Is the world safer. Much. From ISIS to North Korea, things have improved greatly. We are much better off due to Trump’s foreign leadership.

    Are we better people? Really? The question implies that it is Trump’s job to make us better people. If you sincerely believe that it is the job of politicians to make us into better people, you’ve got this all wrong. We the people are responsible for electing better politicians. That’s how it works. Healthier lives? Trump is working on making prescription drugs cheaper and testing methods more readily available.

    The better world part is up to us. Is walking around saying FUCK TRUMP or NOT MY PRESIDENT the way to go? No it is not.

    I notice you forgot to mention the economy which is now booming. Kind of a large and key portion of his promises. You ignored the fact that our economy is performing better than most people have seen in their lifetimes. That minority unemployment is at a historical low point. That our 401Ks are going through the roof, and ensuring us oersonal economic security like we’ve never seen before. We are seeing a manufacturing boom that the previous president mocked and basically called Trump a liar about it. Saying “does he have a magic wand or something”.

    I got what I voted for in the last election and much much more. Regret my vote? Oh my gosh no. I can’t wait to vote for him again.

    • “Is the world safer.” (Should be a question, not a statement)

      Spoken by your glorious leader:

      –I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump – I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough – until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.–

      That’s an individual who is making the world a dangerous place. So to your question, the answer is an unequivocal NO! People in search of making the world a safer place do not make threats like that.

      His supporters have killed in Canada and New Zealand, not to mention, all terrorist killings in the past year in the US have been a result of Trump supporters.

  6. Mike, you have such an incredible, insightful and illuminating way of writing when you are discussing political or historical ideas. I am well-aware of why you ‘promised’ not to discuss politics again, but I’m glad you asked these questions.
    I honestly think this should be required reading for all who intend to vote.
    Being Canadian, my wishes were irrelevant. But it does continue to amaze me that there are people who honestly feel that Trump is acting in their interest.
    In response to Rico: Yes, it is a leader’s job to lead people into becoming better citizens: to accept all cultures, to refrain from acting in a self-serving way, to be honest, to respect all people regardless of faith, disability, gender or color, to appreciate what the world has given us with regard to the environment, to be kind and to value all life whether human, animal or life-giving plant. That is an essential part of any leader’s position.

    • Strongly, strongly, emphatically disagree.

      It is not a politician’s job to lead people to becoming better. And if that’s how you decide what is good or bad, right or wrong, I don’t know what to tell you. My religious beliefs inform my character, not the actions of some guy I’ve never met in the White House.

  7. DT is a businessman who doesn’t give a rats ass what people think of him. Hence, he’s accomplishing so much good for this country. Simply Google “Trumps achievements” to confirm what I’m saying.To deny him those achievements is a precursor to admitting you have Trump Derangement Syndrome. He may not be the perfect president, but he’s head and shoulders better than Hillary and her crime family. And when it comes to his eventual re-election, who will be his biggest opponent? The communists/socialists? Are you kidding me?

    • The US Constitution is a document promoting socialism.

      Why do we have our government? We have our government because it was created by our people.
      What is the government for? It’s to serve the people.
      What is the government comprised of? It’s comprised of people who choose to serve the common good.

      What is socialism? Broadly speaking, it’s a system of the people, to benefit the people, created by the people.

      Oh, and communism and socialism are not related. The former is a political system while the latter is an economic system. Think Denmark.

    • How many indictments on Hillary and her crime family (After something like 20 years and as many investigations)? Zero

      How many indictments and/or guilty pleas relating to investigation on Trump (After two years)? 30+ so far.

      I also see the Russians have been visiting this thread.

  8. Wow!!! Been a long time since you jumped into the fray of politics here and singling out Trump in the process. Whatever could go wrong with a post like this. I’m sure somewhere along the line this thread will get shut down. Not by me or any of my fellow conservatives but hey, these things Jussie happen sometimes.
    Kudos to schoolboy and Emmette and I’m really disappointed that Jonco fixed that “like” button to limit the amount of times you can click it or I’d still be clicking ‘like’ on Rico’s comment.
    To you last basic questions… No. Not yet but then again it’s been an uphill battle from the beginning with many current and former members of congress and former presidents thwarting his progress any way they can because, well…. FUCK TRUMP!
    Take the immigration issue for just a minute. There are countless videos of all of these people agreeing in the past that border security and barriers were a good thing but now all (except maybe Kamala is finally seeing the light) are vehemently against it. Why?? Fuck Trump is their only excuse.
    IMHO why should we even be arguing about the rights of anyone attempting to breach our borders illegally? They’re not citizens, they don’t have (or shouldn’t have) any rights here so let them go through the proper channels as millions of others have done so in the past. It’s gotten to the point that our elected officials are more concerned with the rights of a person crossing the border illegally than taking care of our own homeless and our vets. That’s sad.
    Communism, globalism, socialism. WTF are they teaching in our schools nowadays? AOC “we need to provide for people who don’t want to work”. Huh? “The $3 billion we were going to ‘gift’ to Amazon could be better spent elsewhere”. It was a tax break on the $30 billion in taxes we could have collected off of them. Are you daft, woman? If we can just get the cow farts under control we’ll all be better off. And unfortunately she’s not alone.
    Am I blind to the fact that he’s not perfect? No. Many things that he’s done or said annoy me but he is slowly but surely doing his best against almost insurmountable odds to make America Great Again.
    You can still wear an Obama cap or t-shirt, or a Hillary or Bernie or any other one without fear of any kind of retribution but if you wear a MAGA hat you’re taking a chance that someone will deny you service or maybe just cold cock you for for wearing one. This speaks directly to which group is really dividing this country.
    The left has been brainwashed into thinking that he’s a racist, bigoted idiot who is everyday doing what he can to divide and destroy our country when in fact, he’s not and is trying his best to do the exact opposite.
    Does he have my vote in 2020. You’re damned right he does!!!
    If you don’t believe that you may be brainwashed, I invite you to read about Lara Logan’as latest interview. And don’t use the feeble excuse that it’s Breitbart so it must be false. She’s a well respected CBS investigative journalist whose been reporting on 60 Minutes for over 15 years and her point is that if you’re not checking out Breitbart, Fox or the few other conservative outlets, you’re not getting the full picture. Find the video elsewhere and listen to her in her own words if you’re that dead set against Breitbart.

    • “I’m really disappointed that Jonco fixed that “like” button to limit the amount of times you can click it or I’d still be clicking ‘like’ on Rico’s comment.”

      Seriously? Surely you jest! But, just in case you’re not…
      I never “fixed” the Like button. It was set that way from the start. What point would it make to allow one person to Like something 500 times? The point isn’t to see how many times one person can click a button, but to see how many individual people might like their comment or share their opinion. While still not perfect, allowing multiple Likes would have no value whatsoever and be completely useless.

      • Not to worry, Jonco. It was indeed meant in jest.
        Maybe you should add another button for “Really, Really, Really Like”?
        Again. Just kidding.
        I was reminiscing of the time a while ago where I had “Like” battle with another commenter on here.
        As a stalwart Trump supporter I’ve taken the direction of my President and matured to the point of not engaging in silly arguments like that any more.
        I do hope you didn’t spit out your coffee reading that last sentence.

        • Truth be told, I had serious reservations about posting this column but I am pleasantly surprised at the civility of most commenters, so far. I did remove one comment because I will not allow name-calling here. There’s no reason to attack someone who believes different than you do.

    • ” It was a tax break on the $30 billion in taxes we could have collected off of them.” Yeah, except for this: “Profits for online retail behemoth Amazon soared in 2018, but it paid no federal income tax for the second consecutive year, according to a report published Wednesday.

      The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy says the company is subject to a 21 percent tax rate on its U.S. income. However, through various tax breaks and credits, the company will receive a tax rebate of $129 million.

      That’s despite the company nearly doubling its profits to $11.2 billion in 2018, up from $5.6 billion the previous year, ITEP reported.” Who’s daft?

      • Paul, Amazon is a corporation that has stockholders. Amazon itself doesn’t pay income tax the stockholders do. A living breathing person is one who pays taxes on their profit from the company.

        • That’s absurd. So you’re saying that NO company pays taxes, only the shareholders? Then why do we have a corporate income tax? I suggest that you take a look at this link to learn how corporate tax paying has changed over the years. Here’s one of the more egregious facts from this report: “Of 125 corporations in that study that had significant foreign profits, 82 (two-thirds) paid a higher effective rate to foreign governments than they paid to the U.S.” Paying more in tax to foreign countries than they pay in the US, how un American is that?

      • Here’s where the “daft” comes in Paul. Were you to sell 30 widgets at $1 each to someone with the promise that if they buy them, you’ll send them a $3 gift certificate in return and they renege on the deal that $3 doesn’t exist anywhere.
        You still have your 30 widgets and the buyer still has his $30. It is really that simple.
        Whatever Amazon or any other company does with their profits doesn’t have anything to do with the stupidity of AOC and others for blowing this deal.
        The fact is that Amazon is expanding. They’re eventually going to hire some 25,000 people somewhere. In whatever state that happens to be in those employees will buy property, pay rents, buy items at local stores, pay income taxes, pay property taxes, eat at restaurants, attend concerts and movies and the list goes on and on. Buildings will need to be built, rail and roads modernized, etc. and that means jobs for construction workers (whether union or not). Thanks to AOC though, she saved us from all of that so that somewhere won’t be here in NY.
        The point you’re trying to make is that Amazon is a flawed company and any state where they’re looking to set up shop in should be happy to have them go elsewhere. Well, if you’re right, why not just have it relocate to Mexico, China or somewhere else. This way that could fuck over that country by supplying them with jobs and revenue? Let’s not stop there either and do the same with Google, Apple, Microsoft, GM and the whole lot of them! Fuck America anyway!!!
        If there is a silver lining to this I’m sure both Cuomo and DiBlasio had something shady behind the scenes to line their own pockets and that fell through too. It also makes me smile when the Democrats start to eat their own as they’re doing now with AOC. Her, along with Nancy, Maxine, Chucky and a slew of others are the best gift anyone could give to the Republican party.

        • No need to put words in my mouth, John, I never said Amazon was a flawed company. I said they paid no federal income taxes for a couple of years. Haven’t we shipped enough jobs overseas over the last 40 years?

        • The issue is that Amazon was given enormous tax breaks that would be eventually paid for by the citizens of New York.

          New Yorkers will little to no benefits from Amazon while providing them not only tax breaks, but infrastructure that Amazon will not be paying for. Again, that money comes from New Yorkers.

    • “why should we even be arguing about the rights of anyone attempting to breach our borders illegally?”

      That’s not the issue. Immigration is essentially a net negative. That is, more people have been leaving than entering and has been the case for nearly a decade. The one’s coming to the border now are seeking asylum and we are part of a treaty (The US Constitution puts treaties above US laws) that is meant to take in such people and then properly process their requests. That means a need for more judges in that department.

      Another point to the immigration issue is we should enforce the law that fines and imprisons employers who hire undocumented workers. That’s the way it was done before (excepted for farms during picking season) and immigration was not a problem back then. The real criminal in undocumented workers is being done by the employer. After all, a felony is a greater crime than a misdemeanor.

      “There are countless videos of all of these people agreeing in the past that border security and barriers were a good thing but now all are vehemently against it. ”

      That’s a lie. Nobody is against border security, just building an unnecessary wall. Even GOP Reps whose districts are along the border don’t want a wall. The ranchers lose valuable grazing space and water for their animals.

      “This speaks directly to which group is really dividing this country.”

      That’s why the greatest threat to American lives are white right-wing extremists.

      “If you don’t believe that you may be brainwashed”

      Considering you haven’t presented one truth in your entire diatribe, I think you should re-evaluate yourself. And believing the sources you presented only solidifies the fact of how misinformed one is.

  9. I am absolutely horrified by the comments those Trump supporters who responded. The problem our country faces is not so much the xenophobia, racism, homophobia, and bigotry that these voters tacitly (or openly) accept, in the form of Trump, but the perverted view of reality that they accept, as presented by FOX “News” (most don’t understand that 9/10 of what is on that channel is NOT news but unsubstantiated opinion), Breitbart, InfoWars, and “hate radio.” They are living in an entirely different reality from the rest of us and so feel justified in their support of Trump because they are kept ignorant of the facts. They are literally unaware of the abject criminality of their idol, a lifelong con man in the midst of the biggest crime spree of his life.

    • You are talking gibberish. Every single news outlet is 9/10 unsubstantiated opinion. I know, because I read every major news site every day (I have approximately 40 websites I read daily). And guess what? I am conservative and have never watch Fox News. Gasp! Surprise!

      The canard that conservatives just believe whatever they see on evil Fox News is not true. Yet CNN can run blatant opinion pieces as “News” on their front page and you pretend it isn’t biased.

      Nobody is unaware of what Trump has done and who he is. But is he better than Hillary? He is 300,000 times better because that’s how many babies he doesn’t want to murder every year.

      • Bias and not true are two different things. Faux News has cornered the market on lies as it is now nothing but a propaganda machine. The other networks at least have some honesty, although they still are corporate owned and have that bias that benefits corporations.

  10. In another week or so there may be a whole other dimension to this discussion that you chose to bypass, whether our president is a criminal or worse, possibly under the influence or control of our nation’s greatest adversary. Unfortunately, whatever the outcome of the many investigations, it is highly unlikely that many minds will change.

  11. Reading the pro tRump comments here leads me to think his supporters have extremely short memories about how they treated Obama or are in complete denial. He had a hostile congress for 6 of his 8 years. tRumps whole agenda seems to me to erase any trace of the fact that we had a black president, no matter what it costs the country. And it has cost us a great deal. And it will cost us a great deal more if he and his comrades are allowed to treat the Constitution as toilet paper. What has he done for our climate and environment? Trashed it. What has he done for the security of our country? Trashed it. All he can do is lie, bully, and belittle so that his stupid supporters think he is sooo strong. He is weak, weak, weak and he knows it.

  12. Scott Adams analysis relating to how America’s watching two movies is spot on. Your questions highlight this perfectly. You feel you’re asking these questions in a reasonable and thought out way. You’re watching a different movie than 50% of the rest of the country. Your reality is different and when both sides peer across the divide, each sees insanity. One side sees how many great things Trump has done despite resistance and wants more, the other side sees Armageddon and destruction, only held back by that resistance.

  13. Would I still vote for Trump instead of Clinton? Certainly. I am disappointed with a whole range of issues with regards to Trump, but given the choice, he represents for me a more positive path to a stronger nation. I could never vote for Hillary…

        • that1chick: What we know about Kavanaugh is that some women accused him of getting rapey and even with the full force of the media and the democrats in congress, not one piece of corroboration came up showing it actually happened.

          Yet again, an unrelated tangent based on nothing.

          • The Democrats are in the minority in the Senate. It was the Senate Republicans who called the shots as to how any investigation would go.

      • Great straw man. Do you also think that Obama shouldn’t have done anything about drugs in the U.S. since he admitted using them in the past?

        Let’s say Trump paid for 200,000 abortions over the year. The guy gets around. If his work limits the number of abortions in the future, the soul of our populace is still in a better place than it was before. His past behavior doesn’t change anything and doesn’t move the goal post.

        I’m really tired of people throwing up random arguments that make no sense.

  14. Pro life? You mean anti women’s rights? Make that bitch have that baby even if it kills her, isn’t that the way it really is. Those “pro lifers” have nerve calling themselves “pro-life” when they want to cut programs like school lunches and SNAP. Most people on SNAP work so don’t give me that crap about living on the dole.
    Also “pro-life” putting children in detention centers away from their families and moving them around the country. I wouldn’t call that pro anything. Seeking asylum is not illegal. Your king let his in-laws become citizens, is it because they were white?
    Any man who makes fun of disabled, gold star families, calls some countries shit-holes, is racist, is misogynist, is xenophobic, is transphobic, is homophobic, and has as little class as this guy has no business representing any country. We can do better. Before anyone starts harping about Hillary, I never said I was a Hillary supporter either. Christ, at least Obama could carry on a conversation and carry himself with class and so could his wife. Plus the entire world could not access photos of his wife naked. Not that I’m prude, I have nothing against nudity, just not sure the whole world should see the First Lady in her all together.

    • You know that ‘multiple like button’ that John W was talking about? I would have used that here LOL!
      Thanks, Chick, very well expressed. I knew I liked you for a reason :p

    • If they don’t support programs that help feed or educate children, or programs that help people who are in need through no fault of their own, they aren’t pro-life, they’re pro-birth.

      In the end it’s about control and misogyny. They want to control women because once they get what they want, whatever happens to the mother or child afterwards is not their problem.

    • You’re talking about things you have no knoweldge of. Lumping everyone you disagree with into one convenient package so you don’t have to listen to them.

      My son is a teen. He has a girlfriend. I talked to him about using protection, but guess what else I talked to him about because I am pro-Life? I told him if his girlfriend gets pregnant and they don’t want the kid, I, a middle-aged single father, will raise the baby myself.

      Why? Because that baby, like it or not, would be my grandkid. And I would rather go through the sweat and turmoil of raising another kid by myself than to have my grandkid killed in the name of convenience.

      Your comments about detention centers have literally nothing to do with being “pro-Life.” They are a bad tangent wtih no relation to this topic. Neither is saying Trump is racist, misogynistic, or any of the other -ists.

      You can try to deflect, you can try to say you support abortion when the mother’s life is at stake or in cases of rape or incest, but that’s probably not accurate. You are pro-abortion. Period. Because of “choice.”

      If there was a law saying abortion was fine in cases of safety, rape, or incest, but couldn’t be used for birth control, would you support it? I doubt it. Because “Womyn’s Bodies!” “Choice!” “Men don’t get to say!”

      You think one living organism has the right to terminate (kill) another organism for convenience. That is truly horrifying. It speaks to your character.

      • You are certainly in the minority of people who would step forward and raise a child, and you’re to be commended. How about a law saying if any person, man or woman, is against a woman’s right to choose, that person’s name goes on a list, and when that person’s name surfaces at the top, that person is required to raise that child to majority? Doesn’t matter what race, sex, health at birth, or any other conditions of the newborn. That person will, so to speak, put his or her money where their mouth is. Would you support that law?

      • You know nothing about my character or about me, or indeed what I have or have no knowledge of. I don’t appreciate the condescending tone in the least.

        Republicans are not only trying to make sure women cannot have access to safe, legal abortions, but birth control as well. There are many of them who are trying to defund Planned Parenthood. They do more than abortions, they offer birth control, wellness checkups for women to include pap smears and mammograms, for little to no cost. Not everyone is wealthy, and not everyone has health insurance.
        Just because a person believes a woman has a right to choose to control what happens to her own body, doesn’t mean they believe in abortion as birth control, why does that always have to be the conclusion that is jumped to immediately? There are medical reasons when abortion may be the only way to save the woman’s life. Not every woman is a perfect little incubator, complications happen.

        Had the original comment been read, I stated: how dare pro-lifers call themselves pro-LIFE, when they care nothing for life. They couldn’t care less about children once they are out of the womb. I then gave examples of the ways the current administration has been doing their best to take away programs which may help those less fortunate, but of course, if they aren’t billionaires why bother to help them, or if they are cursed with too much melanin in their skin.

        • Chick, I didn’t expect Dirk to reply to question of how to deal with newborn children if abortion is made illegal. They are not Pro Life, they are Pro Birth. And then they fight like mad to make it extremely difficult to raise that child until the age of majority. Then magic happens! That child can now serve in the military and fight whatever war or wars are occurring at the time. After which, as a Vet, that person again becomes persona non grata.

      • You’re talking about things you have no knoweldge of.

        I know the facts.

        Lumping everyone you disagree with into one convenient package so you don’t have to listen to them.

        Then you go on to say:

        If there was a law saying abortion was fine in cases of safety, rape, or incest, but couldn’t be used for birth control, would you support it? I doubt it. Because “Womyn’s Bodies!” “Choice!” “Men don’t get to say!”

        How is that not you being a hypocrite?

        I am pro-Life

        Then you support government programs that feed, house and educate children, welfare, and are against the death penalty.

        Your comments about detention centers have literally nothing to do with being “pro-Life.”

        Never said anything about them.

        You can try to deflect, you can try to say you support abortion when the mother’s life is at stake or in cases of rape or incest, but that’s probably not accurate. You are pro-abortion. Period. Because of “choice.”

        Interesting how you get all uppity saying I lump things so I don’t have to listen, yet you make judgments and pure assumptions to create lies to satisfy your opinion on the issue. I don’t see a woman as a thing, an incubator, who must do as I say. I see her as a person with rights. Pro-choice is NOT pro-abortion, but pro-life IS anti-choice.

        If there was a law saying abortion was fine in cases of safety, rape, or incest, but couldn’t be used for birth control, would you support it? I doubt it. Because “Womyn’s Bodies!” “Choice!” “Men don’t get to say!”

        If all you have to offer are assumptions, based on a total ignorance of not only the subject, but of the individual you choose to lie about, then you already lost the argument.

        You think one living organism has the right to terminate (kill) another organism for convenience.

        I believe that a woman is an individual who has a right to make decisions of what is right for her. Convenience is phrasing one’s argument in a way that is not only inaccurate but has to fabricate the other’s character in order to justify a losing position. Convenience is ignoring the facts of the issue and willingly lack the understanding of the woman who has the choice. That speaks to your character.

        The fact is banning abortions doesn’t decrease abortions.

  15. I do find it interesting how some replies represent an alternate reality that has no basis in facts or truth.

    I also found this interesting.

  16. Surprisingly, most of the comments have been civil, which is a major achievement in our days of “hate speech” etc. I am totally pro-life and will always be because my bible says “thou shall do not murder” and that is the way I view abortions. However, just because you have a different viewpoint doesn’t make you stupid, an idiot, homophobe, or whatever. Thanks (from me) to all who have voiced an opinion without being uncivil and hateful. For those that have,……………

  17. There is an irrational hatred of this President…President Trump, who I voted for and would again…for sure. His “rough-edges” are only that…rough-edges. The irrational hatred for him is easy to understand, though: He put (hopefully) an end to the dreams of “progressives” that pre-ordained an utter incompetent to be a first woman president. The fact that she’s a woman overwhelmed every single other consideration for them and Mr. Trump blew it all up in their faces. As far as his successes? They are significant successes where he has been able to overcome a gang-mentality that has given up on all civility. People who don’t like him…hate him…wish for a Democrat the next time ought to remember that the Democrat Party has…whether they or the Trump-haters are willing to acknowledge it or not…aligned itself with mindless socialists, illegal aliens who clamor to enter the USA despite claims that the President of the country is another “Hitler”, identity politics, anti-Semitism, and a host of other very creepy ideas and ideologies.There simply is no getting away from that. The mob mentality that they revealed at the Kavanaugh-hearings demonstrated that the anti-Trumpers are willing…no, abandon genuine decency and American values that ought not be tampered with. Is abortion rights so incredibly existential for the Republic that lying and attempts to prevent justice can be countenence as the Democrats and their allies promoted? When it comes to foreign policy, the country is so far better off than under that incompetent and feckless Barack Obama who showed shameful weakness in every arena. I’d like to go into detail about that and Mr. Trump’s vision and success but the Internet doesn’t offer enough posting room. In short, people that hate this President should calm down and recognize that the attacks on him are without real substance and are nothing short of a desperate attempt to grab power back. And, that the “resistance” is an amalgam of really wild ideas…many of which are actually dangerous…and the Democrats have gotten right into be with it. Interestingly, even if one doesn’t prefer Mr. Trump, the opposition has morphed into something that sane people must reject.

    • It’s not irrational. He’s a complete asshole in every way. He literally doesn’t give a rat’s ass for anybody or this country unless it makes him money.

    • That’s rich. Politics has been ignored here for quite some time, as Mike stated at the beginning of his missive. It’s a very simple solution, sir. If the post has politics, keep scrolling. No one is forcing you to read this.

  18. Mike, Brilliant! Good post. I hope some people find some clarity with all the different perspectives but I doubt it? The World is full of polar opposite opinions of Trump. I personally am not in the Trump cult frame of mind. I won’t drink the Kool-aid if it means one person or child will suffer. Many are suffering from Trump’s reign of terror and his felon friends. If it looks like a duck……..

  19. Well, I stirred the pot more than a little with this one. At the same time, I’m happy it’s remained somewhat civil. The Pro Trump people seem to have some common threads here: Abortion, Hillary, Obama, and the economy. The Wall didn’t come up nearly as often as I thought it might.

    This post also has had more hits than anything else I’ve posted this year. People claim they do not like politics here but once the bacon hits the skillet the smell gets everyone into the kitchen.

    • Can it be the Pro Trumpers didn’t mention the Wall because they’re realizing it’s a stupid idea? Not only that, but he morphed from “Mexico will pay for it” to “schoolboy, Rico, dirkasstronaut, F 16 Guy, John Wilson, Richard, sleepygirl 2, and Alan, all of YOU will pay for the wall!” Funny about the economy. The Pro Trumpers will claim how well it’s doing, while ignoring the fact that the economy has been on a strong growth curve since 2009, when Obama was President. All Trump has had to do was stay out of the way, which, being Trump, is impossible for him to do.

      • He keeps badgering the Treasury to keep interest rates down. That’s going to hurt the country down the line, but he’s hoping that problem will happen under someone else’s watch. And now he’s preparing to go to war in Venezuela to help him win in 2020. Having a sociopath in the White House who literally doesn’t give a crap about any human life unless it can serve him, is doing great damage to the country and if it can be repaired remains to be seen.


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