13 thoughts on “If you could time travel…”

  1. I’d go back to 281AC and tell Ned that Rhaegar didn’t kidnap Lyanna; they eloped and were getting married… would save us all a lot of trouble…

  2. or maybe I could go to 3001 and tell Bilbo to destroy that stupid ring when he first found it. Back before Mount Doom was surrounded by an oracai army.

  3. To 6 years ago, to wherever my rescue dog lived before. I want to know what the heck they did to her to make her so terrified to come when she’s called. She loves everybody and everything – EXCEPT if she’s called. Then she’ll drop her head and start to shake and hide under the table is she can. I wish I knew what that was all about.

  4. The day before I asked my girlfriend to marry me!!! 🙂 Hopefully you see the humor in that statement. For the record I have been married 33 years


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