Gus’s Ordeal

Gus has been having health issues. He’s about 14 and a half years old. He’s lost about 12 pounds this year and feels like skin and bones.  He went to the vet in September and weighed about 18 pounds.  I took him in today and he’s down to 15 pounds.  He’s not eating much nor drinking a lot.  He also had some diarrhea over the weekend. They did blood work on him in September and his numbers were high.  Today’s numbers were almost twice as high as they were in September.  His kidneys are failing.

As a last ditch effort, they’re going to give him fluid injections for three days and see if that might flush and jump-start his kidneys. He’s also on some antibiotics and meds for diarrhea.  He’ll have another blood test later this week. If that doesn’t work his prognosis isn’t good.

The photo above is from 2009 when we first adopted him. He was five then.


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  1. I remember when you got Gus, he reminded me so much of our Scooby. Scooby went through the same thing in 2015 when we lost him. This brings back a flood of memories. It’s never easy.

  2. Wow, so sad that this happening. Yes I can remember when you got Gus as well,
    Do what you can to make his life just as happy as he made yours.

  3. Awww, poor Gus. I guess he’s missing his best friend from all those years. It’s so hard because we are attached like they are our kids, but their time seems so brief. All the best Jonco.

  4. I remember when you got Gus too, and I had the honor of meeting him twice. Great little guy who must have had to deal with much before being rescued by you & Patco. He’s a good little man and I can assure you he knows he;s loved.

    I believe Gus spent some time laying on my feet that day in 2010. He and Ariane T really hit it off…

  5. Jonco – My heart goes out to you. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that you were trying to get Gus to overcome his fear of doorways. I’m sure, like you, he misses Trixie. Hang in there! – J

  6. Jon, it’s totally possible this is because Gus misses Trixie. Those two lived together for a very long time and like human beings do, sometimes dogs form an emotional bond with one another. I think Gus’ heart is broken, not his body. He’s an old dog who lost his friend.

    • I know several people have mentioned that but Gus isn’t a “dog buddy” kind of dog.
      I don’t want to make it sound cruel but I don’t think he misses Trixie, not that he didn’t like her, he just likes to be in his own little world. He’s the same way with wild child Buster. If Buster gets too rambunctious too close to him Gus will growl and Buster will back away.
      My daughter has a very large pit bull mix, Beans, and Gus has complete control over her. Beans just wants to play and Gus wants no part of that. Of course all of that was before he got sick.

  7. Sending good thoughts for Gus and your family. Even though he doesn’t seem to miss Trixie, he still might. It’s a big change for him. Hope he feels better soon.

  8. Gus has perked up a little bit since getting the fluid injections. He won’t eat his food or chicken and rice but he ate a hot dog last night. He also threw up as soon as we got home from the vet yesterday.
    He wouldn’t eat this morning but he does seem to be drinking a little more water. I cut up and warmed a hot dog and gave it to him this morning. He threw most of it up an hour or so later when we got to the vet for the second round of injections. It’s too soon to say if the second round shows any more improvement. He’s always been good in the car and never had stomach problems in the past. He spends most of his time sleeping. He hasn’t had diarrhea for a day or two now. Not sure if that’s cleared up or if he just doesn’t haven anything left to get out. We’re giving him antibiotics twice a day.

    Once again, thanks for the thoughts and well wishes.

  9. I hope Gus recovers! My dog started throwing up blood – turns out he had bleeding ulcers. Went with prescription food, carafate & pepcid and he is doing much better. Just started him on hemp oil /cbd oil. They say it works wonders. Fingers crossed for yours and mine


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