14 thoughts on “Without using numbers, how old are you?”

  1. “Video Games only worked on Channel 3″…

    “3” is a number…

    JFK was killed in the same week I was born.

  2. We had one phone in the house, wired to an outlet, with a rotary dial, and sometimes when you picked up the handset – which was wired to the phone – you’d hear the conversation of strangers going on. You’d say “oh excuse me” and you’d hang up and try again later on.

  3. Kindergarten was a half-day, and in that half-day, we’d play a few games, have cookies & milk, and then take a nap on mats on the floor. By then it was almost time to go home.

  4. Almost every man on our street, every kid’s dad, and everybody’s uncles, was a WW2 vet. When I was in junior high, almost every male teacher and admin was a WW2 vet. Most of our cops & firemen were WW2 vets. If somebody wasn’t a veteran, it raised eyebrows.

  5. I had to walk all the way to the mailbox to get the latest issue of B&P. Then I had to hand write my comments on the detachable postcard and mail it back to Jonco. Thank goodness it was prepaid postage, thanks Jonco.

    Brains were 25¢.

    Inchworms were still a full inch.


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