Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Still not looking too bad for mid-December.  But, truth be told, I’m ready for spring.

Aches and pains: After throwing my back out a week ago Thursday, it was this Wednesday before I started feeling any relief.  It was a little better on Thursday too, but I think I did a little too much and it didn’t seem any better on Friday.  Hopefully it will get a little better each day.

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Dog NewsGus has not had a good week.  He’s lost about 10 pounds in the last few months and has been picky at eating.  He hasn’t eaten much in the last two days and had diarrhea on Friday.  He has moments where he seems like his old self, but he’s 14 and mostly deaf these days.  Buster is really sweet when someone is here with him, but when we leave for a while he gets into stuff and chews up stuff.  The picture at right is stuff he got off the dresser (besides a couple of toys) and dragged to the bed and tore up. We’re working on trying to figure out a better way to handle this without putting him in a crate while we’re away.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

Update:  My back is feeling a little better this morning and Gus ate some chicken & rice this morning, so hopefully we both continue to progress.


11 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. Poor Gus, poor you as well. But our pups don’t understand being ill. Hope you’re both back up to snuff soon.

    • It was a long day Saturday, just got home at 1:15 am Sunday, and I think I did okay as far as my back goes. I may be under the influence of alcohol though so I won’t know til morning, but it appears I did okay at the Christmas party. Gus seems to be doing pretty good too.

  2. Well you saw what happened to the Tesla, and next Saturday we head to Lexington KY for the holidays (no family, just a getaway).

    meanwhile Tesla orders us a “Luxury Rental” from Enterprise (a crappy 2019 BMW X3) and I fight for a Tesla proper since our trip was centered around that, so they’re loaning me one of the S100 models to ride in. Electric land Yacht. bleah.

    Oh and my wife is going after them for “Diminution in value” because of the damage

    A friend’s next door neighbors lost their home in a fire, so we went to the Goodwill near us and bought 17 shirts for them – very high end because we’re in the fru fru section of North Atlanta – and paid all of $110. I’m gonna head back there for myself soon

    Sent our fat ginger cat to the vet for a dental cleaning, three teeth got extracted and it was fun watching him hobble around while coming back down from that. We are $800 poorer but we’ve had him for five years without incident – I call that a win.

    • My old dog Trixie (RIP) had 24 teeth extracted earlier this year and it was less than $400. I guess I should be happy about that.

      • DJ, we took it to the service center for tire rotation and a switch replacement on the seat. They were backed up so they decided to put me in a rental car, and overnight a wrecker was dropping off a vehicle and scraped across the front.

        the first ding on the car, and it wasn’t our fault.

        • Wow. I was also hoping it wasn’t the car’s fault lol. Glad it wasn’t a road accident. This is all on the dealer & tow company.

  3. Hi Jonco,
    had a similar problem with a dog, ( like buster ) We tried a “kong”, its a very tough ball / chew toy with holes to put dog treats in, he can smell them and has to roll it around to get the odd one to drop out, kept him amused for hours when we were out, and nothing else chewed.

    • He has some hard toys like that but I haven’t put any treats in it yet. I’ll try that. He has some rope toys too that he likes to try to tear apart.


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