10 thoughts on “If we could somehow make this happen…”

  1. I’ve been saying this for years! We need to follow the rules of middle school elections and no smear campaigns!

  2. This would be great EXCEPT for the fact that Trump (or anyone else like him) could flat out lie their ass off and the opponent would not be allowed to address or debunk the lies.

    What would be nice is if politicians had to be able to support anything and everything they say with evidence from recognized experts and authorities. And that there be some sort of penalty for lying — not financial (since rich politicians could lie unchecked) but maybe they automatically have a certain number of votes for them debited.

    • Even that would bed better than the constant negativity we see about the opponents now. I like the idea of providing evidence, but they’d argue about the credibility of sources. Let the news media do the research and report it. Just shut the politicians up on bashing the opponent.

      • The problem is you have “nesw” outlets like Fox that will absolutely spin things to make what Trump says not seem like a flat out lie, when in fact it is. Fox benefits from Trump’s lies, so they have a vested interest in supporting his lies.

  3. To hell with the ads, here’s all you need to know:

    Republicans work and create laws that majorly benefit corporations and the wealthy. Period. Full stop.

    Democrats work to create laws that benefit the majority of Americans.

    You prefer fascism, vote republican. You prefer a better country for everybody, vote democratic. It’s that simple.

  4. you should follow what Georgia is doing. We have the Secretary of State – you know, the one that oversees elections – trying everything he can to suppress the black vote (exact name match, closing polling locations, removing names from registry, et al)

    then comes at his opponent saying she owes all this money and is in debt to the IRS for $50k (while being sued over a defaulted half million dollar loan), calling her “too liberal, too radical, too extreme for Georgia”

    then the rolling stone magazine records him speaking out on his fear over letting people vote….


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