2 thoughts on “Truth in Nutritional Info”

  1. Lol – A little snack bag of Lay’s potato chips is 2¾ oz (78g). Label says that’s 3 servings = 15 chips – less than an ounce. How is that even possible??

  2. If they showed you the numbers for the entire thing, you’d know how lethal they are (unless you did the math, which most people won’t bother to do). We can’t have that, now can we?

    Some years ago, I picked up a box of chocolate bon-bons in the freezer aisle. The label said “serving size: 5 bon-bons” but gave data for only 1, which included “Saturated fat: 25%”. There was also a column for the whole serving, 125%. So one serving (which few will stop at) had more fat than you’re supposed to have in an entire day.

    Something is seriously wrong when products do this to appear less unhealthy rather than just /be/ less unhealthy.


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