21 thoughts on “Just returned a pair of Nike’s…”

  1. The shoe returner should have said they don’t care about unarmed black people being murdered by police who, literally, get away with murder. They should say that someone else not standing for a song is more important to them than fathers, husbands, boyfriends, sons, friends, and fathers being killed for no good reason. They should say that their priorities are warped. They should say they lack compassion. And any decency whatsoever.

    • So it helps prevent these acts of violence by having slacktivists kneeling for the national anthem?

      I would probably respect these slacktivists if they actually did something: mentoring, promote ways to minimize the chance of getting shot when interacting with the police, or whatever.

      At the very least, I would stop calling them slacktivists.

      • No you wouldn’t. You’re obviously happy to actually blame them for drawing attention to an issue and simultaneously lecture them for not doing enough, so I doubt there’s much they can do to avoid being called whatever demeaning shit pops into your fool head. But hey, nice victim blaming there with the “they should teach black people how not to get shot by cops” thing and all. Kudos.

      • Tim: You say that you would respect “these” people if they actually “did something”. Well, maybe you could start by respecting Colin Kaepernick. He spends most of his time researching and supporting a wide range of charitable groups whose goal is to pull people out of situations of deprivation and hardship or to offer new chances. He involves himself both personally and financially. If you’d liked to look into it: https://www.si.com/sportsperson/2017/12/06/colin-kaepernick-charity-giving-donations
        Also, how do you teach people to avoid getting shot by police? Advise them not to sit in their own living room? [police kill man in Dallas after mistaking apartment for her own]; or not to approach their own car? [Tulsa, Oklahoma], or maybe not to follow police directions? [Falcon Heights, Minnesota]. As a white woman, I know that I have no such fears. Police are usually quite pleasant and respectful to me. I have personally seen though, that in an identical situation, the police treat my black friend as if he/she has committed a crime despite their moral, ethical and successful life.
        I support the protest. Kneeling does make a difference. It brings into focus the need for a new way of thinking and acting. All lives are equal and need to be treated that way.

        • “Advise them not to sit in their own living room?”

          So, in order to protect their own, the police got a search warrant to search the dead victim’s apartment. They found a minuscule amount of pot and they intend to use that as reasonable cause.

      • “if they actually did something” implies you are unaware of what they’re doing for their friends, family, and communities using the benefits of their positions. Here’s just one example of what Kaepernick is doing: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2704820-colin-kaepernick-foundation-announces-100000-in-donations-to-charities he’s just one of dozens of players that have their own foundations that give support to those that need it in their communities.

  2. It is all about the money they don’t care about your poor little sore ass feet! Kneel or stand it is only a big deal if you make it so! Which Donny boy has tried to!

  3. The Jehovah’s Witness, Mennonites, and Amish don’t stand for the National Anthem or Salute the flag.

    Anyone who is disabled and cannot stand does not stand for the National Anthem. Congress has made no law with respect for standing during the National Anthem. The actual lyrics come from a poem by Francis Scott Key “Defence of Fort M’Henry” written in 1814 and set to a popular British Song of the time The Anacreontic Song (so much for the War of Independence).

    People bitch and moan that this is about respect, but it is not, it truly is about race and race relations (racism). None of them complained when Tim Tebow knelt.

    Tim, your use of the term Slacktivists is incorrect. Slacktivist is defined as “one who vigorously posts political propaganda and petitions in an effort to affect change in the world without leaving the comfort of the computer screen.” Colin Kaepernick hardly meets that definition.

    • Yeah, I kinda liked it better when racists had enough shame to hide under their hoods. Now they hide in the open on the internet.

  4. I don’t give a crap about why they are doing it. Don’t do it while you are on the job. If I did that while in my work uniform I would be canned in 10 hot seconds. it’s awesome that they think this is going to enlighten some people, but honestly, it does not do much for the reason they claim to be doing it. Take your politics out of my sports. Take your misbegotten fortunes and put your money where your fat mouth is.

  5. Curious… what other job (outside of sports) do they play the National Anthem before they actually start doing their work?

  6. I suppose these complainers always stand at home when the anthem is playing and really not in the kitchen foraging in the fridge for beers or already sprawled on their sofas scratching their privates waiting for the game to start.


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