Alaska – The road to Seward

Sunset from our hotel balcony in Anchorage Friday night.  Click images to enlarge.

Our motor coach ride to Seward took about four and a half hours instead of the normal two and a half hours because our driver stopped several times for us to see things like the glaciers below.  Notice the melting trickle stream going down the mountain.  The glaciers have gotten smaller and smaller as the years go by.  One of many swans on one of the many lakes we passed on the way to Seward.




Tomorrow we board the cruise ship for a leisurely journey down to Vancouver British Columbia.





6 thoughts on “Alaska – The road to Seward

  1. Something of a rarity is the steam powered clock in Vancouver’s Gaslight district, and the Gaslight district alone is worth a visit. Within walking distance of the clock is the 4.5 star Pan Pacific Hotel, stop in for a drink in the lounge. There’s much to see and do in Seattle if you have the time, and a lot all in one general neighborhood, Pike Place, the public market, the Big wheel, The Pyramid Brewery across from the Mariner’s baseball stadium.

    • I’ve been to Pike Place about a decade ago on a visit to Seattle and Oregon. Not sure how much sightseeing we’ll do in Seattle if any, but thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Welcome to BC.
    I am a HUGE fan of Bits and Pieces. Its the FIRST thing i do in the morning (with coffee , of course) Hope you enjoy your visit !
    WayneB, Vancouver, BC


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