Alaska – Glaciers, Haines and Skagway

More pics… many are from Glacier Bay but also a couple from Haines and Skagway.  A couple of the pics show calving, where bits of the glacier break off and fall into the sea. The eagle was seen at the America Bald Eagle Foundation in Haines. I’m shown eating a Klondike Doughboy and a shaved ice. The big hammer is at the Hammer Museum which has 2,127 different types of hammers on display (not counting the one out front). They have another 5,000 in storage.  

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This evening we set sail to Juneau Alaska, our stop for tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Alaska – Glaciers, Haines and Skagway”

  1. My wife has been pushing to go on an Alaska cruise and I’ve always maintained that I could get sufficient satisfaction from seeing other people’s photos of mountains, glaciers and icy waters without flying halfway around the planet. Besides we already did a cruise to the Norwegian fjords (Meh!). But no one told me there was a hammer museum!!!!

    • Yes, if you’re into hammers, this is the place to be. It’s in a little house that has rooms full of hammers. Admission $5.


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