1 thought on “Proper punctuation is very important…”

  1. Serious moment.

    These are the people trying to get their point across?

    When I was coming up we didn’t have a voice. Maybe that was a good thing? No.

    We knew things were wrong? Yes. Did we know how to show our displeasure? No. It really does take life experience to even know how to express oneself. Yeah, some people are ahead of the curve, but the majority of the young crowd today are just parroting what others are saying, and… judging by this image… poorly.

    They say wisdom comes with age, but I’ve known plenty of young folk who are more wise than I, especially based on these changing times we are living in. I’ve been schooled more times than I can count by people so much younger than I. Cycle of life… new generation, new ideas.

    Our society has evolved so that these new, young ideas are becoming mainstream, not all these ideas are good. Sidenote: Facebook is bad! I’ve known this from the beginning (backpatting over). Somewhere along the line we moved from the ‘Computer Age’ to the ‘Information Age’. When the eff did this happen?!?

    Currently, information is the most powerful force in history. You people who indiscriminately click on “Agree” are giving your futures away. You have nothing to hide? Yeah… what about the future? The day the information age started, every aspect of your life has been recorded and catalogued.

    Another sidenote: Back to humor? No!

    100° in San Diego?!? East SD actually, but still effed up! You young people, with new ideas? You might want to start thinking about a way to get us off this rock. Man has always migrated to an environment that suits us, or learned how to live in the new environment. I’m making myself a stillsuit right now (not really, but humor always creeps in?)

    Personally? I think this planet is effed! Politics, healthcare, immigration, and other issues ain’t going to matter shit as people are burning up.

    Mars is saying hello. Venus is waving at us right now, saying “global warming is a bitch, ain’t it?”


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