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Weather: Wouldn’t you know it that it’s been WAY above average all spring in the temperature department and on the first full day of summer (Friday) the high makes it to the mid 70’s.  It’s supposed to warm right up again into the 90s this week but at least a couple days of relief is nice.

My Week: The swelling of my left foot has pretty much gone away.  I had an ultrasound done on my left leg on Wednesday that showed no signs of a blood clot, so that was ruled out.  For two days this week, I was telling people that I felt better than I had in a couple of months. Then on Wednesday, I started getting a summer cold.  Stuffy, snotty, phlegmy, sneezy, chilly and all that comes with a cold. I’m on OTC meds for that and then Thursday evening my right foot starts hurting in the area of my toe joints. Friday it was worse but I managed to hobble through some grocery shopping.  If I’m sitting it doesn’t hurt too much but walking and bending at the toes is painful.  I called the doctor and asked if he thought I could get back on the anti-inflammatory drugs I was on for so long without any complications.  I was taken off of the anti-inflammatory meds when an ulcer was discovered in a colonoscopy. He said I could try them but to take as low of a dose as possible.  I seem to recall it taking several days for it to kick in.  If and when it does start helping I’ll try skipping a day here and there and see if that works.  Getting old sucks but it beats not getting old.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

17 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

  1. I hope you’re feeling better soon Jonco and totally agree with the getting old sucks but it beats not getting old. This Gal (me) that used to dance on tables in the bar (only on occasion, lol) is now doing the Walmart triple lap @ 4 times a week because the chemo did so much damage to the circulation in my legs. But we’re still looking at the grass from the right side. 😉 Take care.

    • I wish I was walking there with you. It’s not that much but I used to walk a mile 3 or 4 times a week, but now I’m lucky to be able to walk to the bathroom and to my desk. My visit to Wally World Friday morning took a bit of time as I’m sure I looked like the old folks I used to see and thought ‘I hope I never get that old and decrepit’.

  2. Aww hell Jonco, you’re not getting older, you’re getting more seasoned. Like a salad with brown lettuce. A fine wine that’s gone skunky. A moth eaten parachute. It’s not the years you’ve lived, it’s the years you have left. Live them wisely.

    • Contrary to your opinion I am getting older. I have one of the big ones coming up next month…. and it contains a 7. Damn!

  3. On another note, I’m listening to Phil Collins Face Value, real loud. What is your music of choice, so loud it makes your eardrums hurt?

    Edit: Wait! It’s Friday! Why is Weekend Open Mike up so early?

    • LOL. Another sign I’m getting older. I usually write the Open Mic or Friday afternoon or evening. I then (usually) schedule the time for it to post early on Saturday morning. I obviously omitted that last step yesterday. But at least I wrote it early. I’ve woken up early on a Saturday morning realizing I hadn’t even written an Open Mic and had to jump out of bed and put one up fast and go back to bed.

  4. I hope you feel better soon, Jonco! I’ve had many health issues since I was a kid, but thankfully I’m doing ok now.

    I just got diagnosed as autistic recently, and it has given me some peace of mind. At the very least I know now that I’m not crazy. I do wish the diagnosis came earlier, who knows, maybe as a child, I could have gotten more help. It’s a bit difficult as an adult, because all the preventative measures are well past.

    Sending you and the puppies all the hugs!

    • Thank you so much. You’re so sweet and have always been very nice. I’m glad you have been able to figure out what’s affected you and that you’re facing it head first. I admire your tenacity and drive and your willingness to be outspoken about issues you feel strongly about. Carry on, my friend!

  5. I assume that gout has been eliminated as a cause (What is it (?) 14 tart cherries a day can help with that?)

    • From what I understand a uric acid level of 8.0 or higher is considered gout. Mine was 7.8 when it was tested a week or two ago. I don’t know if it fluctuates much but it was close enough that he put me on meds to lower the levels. Hopefully, that’ll start working. The anti-inflammatory meds have always helped my DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease) which I’ve had since my 20s or 30s. As I mentioned earlier they took me off of those because of an ulcer discovered in a colonoscopy. I had done better than I had expected without the anti-inflammatories up until a couple of months ago.

  6. Sorry you are not feeling well. I am 69 and my wife is 66 and we have health problems too. Enjoy Bits and Pieces very much. Thank-You.


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