4 thoughts on “Taking a new Tesla Model 3 on a road trip”

  1. Earlier, I read a report about a couple that took an electric car (the Tesla SUV-looking thing) on a road trip. The purpose was to promote that electric cars are almost ready for long road trips.

    The issue I see is that even with the Tesla super charging stations, you are stuck for an hour while your car recharges. This means on a road trip of about 600 miles or more, I have to add 2 hours to my time estimates.

    That is about 90 more minutes than using a gas-powered car. If I am in a hurry or do not have much time for the road trip (like visiting someone for the weekend), using an electric car would take too long.

  2. Actually, the superchargers recharge at a rate of 450 miles per hour.

    If you play your cards right, you can hit one every 120-180 miles and with a capacity of 310 miles on the model three, your charging time is twenty minutes or so (just the right amount of time to stretch your legs, go to the bathroom, grab a snack, etc)

    Meet “Edison”, the newest addition to my fleet

      • and of course right next to it is my “Anti-Tesla” – 7.3L diesel…

        I forgot to mention that the charger on my townhome is a 32 amp level 2, which recharges at the rate of 30-34 miles per hour.

        and since we have a special rate with Georgia Power, it costs us a bout $1.50 for each charge from 12% to 90%

        our last supercharger use was from 12% to 100% and was 36 minutes, cost us $8.91


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