B&P Link Dump

Things that warm the heart

Santa’s Elves Live in … Schenectady?

IHOp is changing its name to IHOb  →  

An interview with Anthony Bourdain

The History of Plastic

Thinking about an electric scooter in your life?

2 drivers got into an argument, then things got messy…

Decoding the Design History of Your Coffee Cup Lid

The table Obama and Anthony Bourdain dined at was framed in Vietnam



3 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. IHOb – Because we have way too many pancake joints and nowhere near enough places to get a frikkin hamburger!
    IHOP is committing corporate suicide – and proud of it!

    • Actually, I think IHOP has sold burgers and other non-breakfast things for a long time.

      Wendy’s had the best response to this (via Twitter; paraphrasing): “why eat a burger from a place that decided pancakes were too difficult.”


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