Flying over the Sanibel Causeway

We drove over to Sanibel Island and then onto Captiva Island for lunch at the Mucky Duch Neighborhood Pub on Friday, our last full day in Florida.  Partway across the Sanibel Causeway, there is a fishing/picnic/rest area.  I launched the drone off of a picnic table and did a little flying around.  I did a quick edit and this is what I ended up with.



5 thoughts on “Flying over the Sanibel Causeway”

  1. Always beautiful scenery driving across the Causeway to Sanibel. Just seems to take forever to get out to Sanibel & Captiva because of the speed limits, but you defitnetly get to enjoy the scenery.

    Of course when you get there, there is lunch and collecting sea shells, for the return trip.

  2. My favorite place in Florida, Sanibel-Captiva, followed by Naples and Vero Beach. I live near Ft. Lauderdale on the east coast. It’s funny but east coast people go to the west coast for peace and quiet on the weekend, and west coast people come to the east coast for nightlife and excitement.
    The roads have sure changed since the last time I was over there. I spent many a wonderful weekend there enjoying shelling on the beach, and the best Grouper in the evening.
    Nice photography, and what was that beautiful music, I loved it.

    • The royalty-free music is provided by the editing software. I just find a tune I like andt the software makes it fit the video.


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