3 thoughts on “It is the soldier…”

  1. Yeah, I hate to contest this militaristic glurge but it’s just not true — at least of any soldier in the last 235 years or so. It was the American Revolution that brought us all those things and there’s been no serious threat to them (barring MAYBE WWII, and even then it was only a potential risk) since then.

    And before anyone screams at me for being anti-military, My son was in the Army, serving two tours in Iraq, my father was in the Navy, just post-Korean Conflict, I’ve had ancestors that fought in just about every war back to the Colonist/Native American conflicts after the Mayflower landed.

    I just value truth and reality. It’s more important than ever in this Trumpian dystopia where “fact” means “whatever I feel like saying at the moment.”


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