2 thoughts on “Lucky and brave old hero”

  1. While this did (probably) happen, the facts are iffy, Two sources, the Paige and the B.B. Whittemore Genealogy give his age as 78 at the time of the conflict and 96 at death, based on his documented date of birth. Inaccuracies in his obituary and on his gravestone apparently have led to a proliferation of misinformation. In addition, the annual state commemoration is a day late per documented date of death.

    Along these same lines, I really, really recommend the book Lies Across America https://www.amazon.com/Lies-Across-America-Historic-Sites/dp/0684870673 — you’ll never look at those brown signs on the highway or “historical monuments” the same way again (basically, if you can afford to make a monument, you don’t have to prove the thing you’re claiming is in any way true or real.)


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