3 thoughts on “Assisted Living Community”

  1. I can’t even imagine what this costs. I was looking for a place for my in-laws — my FIL has Alzheimers, though he isn’t that bad yet. We’re talking upwards of $8,000 A MONTH.

    • If you have not yet done this yet, check their health insurance to see what it will cover.

      I am looking in to assisted living places for my Mom and her health insurance will cover something–right now, she is in a place not “in network” and they are covering the first 9 days of her stay.

      If that does not help, maybe look in a different area for a place. Around, say, Chicago the price would be $8k or so–but in southern Ohio it is about $5k.

      Granted, having the in-laws far away may cause the travel expenses (for you to visit) to wipe out the savings.

      I hope it works out for you and your in-laws.

    • Elagie, my thoughts are with you and your family. We went through that a couple of years ago with my mother-in-law. It can be quite an ordeal.
      We found a place that was somewhere in the 3-4K range. It was nice but nothing like in the video. She was only there for just about a month.


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