10 thoughts on “You are stranded on a deserted island…”

  1. Inflatable raft
    Flare gun
    Fishing rod or hammock if it’s suitable as a fish net
    Water purifier (judging by the image, it’s a Boston Fortis Explorer Pro, which comes with a Compass, Whistle, Flashlight, Mini-Knife and Fire Flint)

  2. tarp: as it can be used as a ground cover or a shelter
    water purifier: as with water you can go without food for about 3 weeks [plus C.A.I. says that basically it’s a cheat item because you get the knife, flashlight, etc without even having to pick them LOL]
    mirror: as it can be used to start a fire and to signal for help
    and possibly the bug repellent: the mosquitoes can kill you even before the other wildlife!

  3. You guys and gals are stupid…it says we can have 4 of the following ,so I will have 4 Tents…4 Water purifiers… 4 pots and 4 box’s of matches

    • No …no … you are the one with the issues! It says we can have 4 of the following, so why are you limiting yourself? Wouldn’t that be 4 of each item? Expand your scope! Now with 100 ‘essential’ items, you’ve got it made! [Just don’t try to load them all into one raft at the same time! LOL]


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