3 thoughts on “Years they took to get 50 million users/customers…

  1. Ignoring Babbage and all the fully functional mechanical computers of hundreds of years ago, the first fully digital electronic computer was invented in the 1930’s. Is this chart really trying to tell me there were over 50 million by the mid 40s? Riiiiight.


  2. First cell phone was made by Motorola in 1973. No way in hell were there 50 million by ’85. It’s like these fuckers just pulled numbers out of their ass and couldn’t even be bothered to spend five minutes checking to see if they were even vaguely plausible.


  3. @foog, I’m guessing they are referring to the personal computer and smartphone? One thing I know for sure, I bet online porn made it to 50 million users withing 3 days.


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