4 thoughts on “It’s very important to learn percentages…”

  1. The sad thing is that it is so common for members of the public to have difficulty comprehending percentages … even 10% seems to puzzle many. 50% often confuses people even if you say “That means half.”
    Since the the ‘tip list’ says “SuggestIVE” rathed than “SuggestED”, I’m wondering if the restaurant is actually referring to something other than the above meal LOL. Or maybe, since something ‘suggestive’ could be obscene, they are suggesting obscene amounts for a tip 😉
    [For those wondering: $20.50 x 18% = $3.69; x 20% = $4.10; and x 25% = $5.13.]

  2. The receipt doesn’t show any coupons or other discounts that might have been applied. Tips are supposed to be calculated on the base amount before such discounts. All of the suggested amounts come from a basis of $38, so there might have been a 50% discount applied, then sales tax.

    Still, showing suggested amounts on the receipt is a good idea.

    • This is the credit card receipt so it’s the final total. I’ve seen this at several restaurants. It’s just a way to get the servers larger tips.


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