Gus and Trixie Playtime

Here’s a short video of Gus and Trixie playing.  It’s very unusual for Gus to do that.
(Note:  I added another short clip I didn’t realize I took)  When Gus is done, he’s done.

We were cleaning up in the garage and I heard what I thought was Trixie scuffling and lightly growling like she does when she plays with a toy.  I looked over at her and saw them wrestling playfully. I know most people will think, ‘so what’ but Gus rarely plays like that and it tickled me.  I wish I had caught more of it but they finished not long after I got my phone out to record.



3 thoughts on “Gus and Trixie Playtime”

  1. I love watching my 4 legged babies play. I understand completely! Your 4 legged kids are so cute!


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