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18 Words That Have A Different Meaning When You Live In San Diego



2 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. Regarding Netflix — best reason to have it has to include The Magicians, which I binge watched (two seasons) recently and was pretty damned impressed. Think Harry Potter for grown-ups. A nod at traditional fantasy with a Millennial perspective. Some gore and a trigger warning for a rape though.

  2. As a SD native, I wanna dispute some of those “18 words” thing. At lot of them are just silly nonsense.

    #2 is wrong. The term is “California Style”. Please.

    #11 Mexican Food. If the writers had a clue, they would have posted a picture of one of the hundreds of the “Bertos”. All over the county we have these chains of tiny hole-in-the-walls that serve nothing but Mexican food. They are inexpensive, and the food isn’t bad. A little greasy for my taste. But a million times better than Taco Bell. They usually offer big fat burritos! We call them the “The Bertos” because their names are “Huberto”, “Robertos”, “Albertos”, and so on.


    Also. This isn’t real Mexican food. It is a fusion of Mexican, Texan, Baja, and California. People from Mexico City would look at the menu and say “?Por que?”

    #16 Not sure what the “Fluent” means. The same is true anywhere in California, AZ, NM, TX. Its is just knowing how to pronounce Spanish words. Nothing uniquely San Diego there.

    #15 Those winds are are called “Santa Anas”. Plural. Not “Santa Ana”. Santa Ana is a city in OC, that we sometimes call “Stabby Ana” because of all of the crime there. And the Santa Anas are all over SoCal. Not just SD. They are very common in LA in winter.


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