B&P Link Dump

Croc Frenzy – Watch the water come alive!

Our Driverless Future: City of Tomorrow

More pics from California’s mudslides  →  

Jesus, Make it warm!

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Passing Gas

Classic movies rebooted for 2018

Shithole – Hard to translate into different languages

“I wish I had killed more,” says cop killer

A seamstress mends a Monarch butterfly’s wings

The Bullitt Mustang that Steve McQueen tried (and failed) to buy

The Best Smart Home Gadgets from CES 2018

Domestic Violence Victim Took ‘A Photo A Day’ For One Year




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  1. Our Driverless Future: City of Tomorrow

    Heard the other day on the radio many owners of the parking lots downtown are already making plans to re-utilize their properties. I think we’re gonna get a bunch more high-rises.


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