31 thoughts on “Bacon movie challenge”

  1. Perfect Bacon
    Reservoir Bacon (or: Bacon Dogs?)
    The Bacon of the King
    Rambo: First Bacon
    Bacon of the Apes

    too easy 🙂

    Not to forget all the Movies that have only one word as title – from Metropolis to Spaceballs. All would be called “Bacon” 🙂

  2. The Bacon has Landed
    Where Bacons Dare
    The Count of Monte Bacon

    Song title ……. I”ll be Your Bacon Tonight

  3. 2010: The Year We Make Bacon
    Bacon vs Predator
    Bill & Ted’s Excellent Bacon
    Star Trek III: The Search for Bacon

  4. Bacon; the other white meat!

    (there was a porn parody movie called “Pink; the other white meat” based on the pork industries advertising slogan)

  5. this old vampire movie called “Love at First Bite” doesn’t have bacon in the title but what else could they possibly be talking about?

  6. Bacon, originally Titanic, Psycho, Eraserhead, Fargo, Rocky – and every other one word named movie. Boom!

    Closest to a mic drop I can get these days…

  7. About Bacon
    The Big Bacon
    Jesus Christ Bacon
    Last Temptation of Bacon
    Man with the Golden Bacon
    Bacon Redemption
    Sound of Bacon
    On Golden Bacon
    From Here to Bacon
    Color of Bacon
    The Longest Bacon
    Fried Green Bacon
    Bacon Holiday
    Mystic Bacon
    There Will Be Bacon
    Best Bacon of Our Lives
    Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!
    Bacon on the Orient Express
    One More Time With Bacon
    When Bacon Met Sally
    Baconless in Seattle
    Bacon Driver
    Bacon Talk
    Bacon Mutiny
    Legend of Bacon
    Bacon Quest
    Hunt for Red Bacon
    Bacon and the Beast
    The Right Bacon
    Babette’s Bacon
    Bacon Nights
    To Bacon, with Love
    In the Heat of the Bacon
    Before Bacon
    Bacon People
    Bacon Royale
    Bacon Wars
    2001: A Bacon Odyssey
    O Bacon Where Art Thou?
    Back to the Bacon
    Some Like it Bacon
    Unbearable Lightness of Bacon
    I Am Not Your Bacon
    We Were Bacon
    Bacon Girls
    Hot Bacon
    Bacon Soup
    The Bacon Rush
    La Dolce Bacon
    Dr. Baconlove
    Bacon Actually
    Hannah and Her Bacon
    Bacon in the Rain
    Bacon by the Sea
    American Bacon
    Bacon Thieves
    Being Bacon
    Life of Bacon
    Bacon Italian Style
    500 Days of Bacon
    Planes, Trains, & Bacon
    The Great Bacon Robbery
    Bacon Splendor
    Stranger than Bacon
    Strange Bacon
    Forbidden Bacon
    Fantastic Bacon
    Bacon Expectations
    Crazy, Stupid, Bacon.
    Bacon and Baconer
    There’s Something About Bacon
    Me, Myself & Bacon
    My Darling Bacon
    Babes in Bacon
    Bacon Hero
    Harold and Bacon
    Blazing Bacon
    A Fish Called Bacon
    A Shot in the Bacon
    To Bacon or Not to Bacon
    Beverly Hills Bacon
    My Favorite Bacon
    Bacon News
    Take the Bacon and Run
    The Awful Bacon
    Bacon Done Him Wrong
    Road to Bacon
    Private Bacon
    Lost in Bacon
    Bacon at Eight
    Raging Bacon
    Bacon of the Year
    Bacon Streak
    Good Morning, Bacon
    E.B. – Extra Bacon
    B.I. – Bacon Intelligence
    Americanization of Bacon
    Alice in Baconland
    Attack the Bacon
    Jurassic Bacon
    Mad Max: Beyond Bacon
    Edge of Bacon
    Silent Bacon
    The Bacon Pit
    Children of Bacon
    Voyage to the End of Bacon
    Guardians of the Bacon
    Bacon of Tomorrow
    City of Lost Bacon
    Endless Bacon
    Pan’s Bacon
    Holy Bacon
    Men in Bacon
    Destination Bacon
    Everybody Wants Bacon!!
    Adventures of Buckaroo Bacon Across the 8th Dimension
    sex, lies, and bacon
    Before Bacon
    Bacon to Come
    Midnight Bacon
    Finding Bacon
    Bacon’s End
    After Bacon
    Bacon Love
    Bacon & Me
    Bacon of the Soul
    Waltz with Bacon
    I Called Him Bacon
    You Were Never Really Bacon
    The Double Life of Bacon
    Bacon Confidential
    Bacon From Another Planet
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Bacon
    Attack of the 50 Foot Bacon
    No Country for Old Bacon
    What’s Bacon, Doc?
    Bloody Bacon
    Bacon Knows
    Get Bacon
    The Last Bacon
    Bacon Dreams
    Stop Making Bacon
    Let the Bacon Burn
    Bacon Without a Cause
    House of Flying Bacon
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon
    The Good, the Bad and the Bacon
    Bacon on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
    Last Bacon in Paris
    No Bacon in Sight
    Farewell My Bacon
    Goodbye Bacon
    Passing Bacon
    Far From Bacon
    Remains of the Bacon
    The Other Side of Bacon
    The Petrified Bacon
    Angels With Dirty Bacon
    Only Angels Have Bacon
    God’s Own Bacon
    Bacon Can Fly
    Das Bacon


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