B&P Link Dump

Cold Weather Conversation Starters

Ellen surprises St. Louis Walgreens cashier…

There’s nothing as beautiful as a snowflake  →  

Life-Changing Food Hacks For Lazy People

Removing a mass bee colony

Icy sights from around the globe

Meet The Dog Protecting Planes From Bird Strikes

Golden Globes: Complete Winners List

America’s Worst Graveyard Shift

Another stupid rule in California…

The woman behind the famous Cool Hand Luke car wash scene



8 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. That “Another stupid law in California…” is not a law, it’s an HOA rule. It’s privately written and enforced — the state has nothing to do with it, specifically.

    • You’re absolutely correct, it’s an HOA rule. But it’s still stupid. 🙂

      My garage door would stay closed and they’d never get a nickel out of me.

      • It doesn’t say anywhere in the article why such a rule came into being. Why would they insist that the garage doors remain open?

        • I think there were some people that had family living in someone’s garage. So they make a stupid rule about it that makes no sense.

          • They should have just declared the they were taking advantage of California being a Sanctuary State, and were just providing sanctuary to a needy family.

  2. Sadly, Piper the airport dog lost his battle with doggie prostate cancer this past weekend. He was an awesome dog.

  3. If your HOA required all garage doors remain open during the day, what would you place inside the open garage of every HOA board member?

    • Great idea. I don’t know why this one got to me so much. Normally, I just laugh off stupid stories but this one rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve never personally had a problem with an HOA or its rules, but I would fight this one tooth and nail, whatever that means. 🙂


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