5 thoughts on “Van vs. train… Guess who wins…”

  1. Live near a train crossing on a very busy street. This kind of thing happens more that one would like to think it does. It was Forrest Gump who said it best “stupid is as stupid does’

    • when there’s a train crossing on a busy street then it should be at least a crossing with barriers or better a tunnel or bridge for the street. Crossings without barriers are OK for streets outside urban area with only a few rare vehicles crossing per hour.
      Also there are radar and other systems determining if the crossing is free and then initiation an emergency brake in the train so it’s at least slower when hitting the vehicle.

      • Or…… don’t try to beat the train. If everybody followed this rule, we wouldn’t need all the barriers and bridges and radar and ambulances and coroners….

  2. Engywuck,
    I should have included that this particular crossing have those little things that ding really really loud. There are not only crossing barriers for the cars but pedestrians as well. They have all the latest and best equipment on this crossing but one thing trains are not able to stop on a dime and someone who runs a barrier is taking an big risk. A tunnel would be great however there is no room for one. One may save a few minutes or regret it an eternity.


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