10 thoughts on “Picky Eater Test”

  1. The only thing I have not had on that list is raw fish and if it were offered me in the form of sushi of some sort, I would at least try it.
    Blue cheese, Mayo and eggplant are unpleasant, but again, I’ll eat them if that’s what is there. I don’t go out and buy those things for myself.
    My kids like Nutella so I’ll occasionally get that for them. It’s edible, I suppose.

    So what is the definition of picky? Is it ”won’t eat certain things at all”? Or merely ”dislikes a large number of things on the list”? Some combination of the 2?

    I don’t see squashes or sweet potatoes on that list. All types of a squash I’ve had so far are nasty and make me gag. And yet, every year at Thanksgiving there are usually 2 or 3 dishes made and I try a little bit of them all. They are still bad, but at least I can confirm it.

  2. let’s see, before going vegan, there are four whole things on this list I would not have eaten. But two things I don’t like (beets and peaches) are not on this list. Now I won’t eat half the list…..

  3. Happy to see White Chocolate on the list.

    Chocolatier Apprentice:
    “I finished making the last batch of delicious chocolate. Where do I throw out this gross fatty byproduct?”

    “Instead of throwing it out, let’s call it ‘white’ chocolate and try to sell it”


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