Killard House Special School Choir – Hallelujah

We’ve heard adults sing the stirring song “Hallelujah” in the past, but this young girl with special needs proves you don’t need to be a grownup to have an extremely powerful and moving voice. Kaylee Rogers is the little girl from the Killard House Special School in Northern Ireland that you see in the touching video below.

An awesome rendition of this song.

Read all about it.

Thanks, Jamie 

2 thoughts on “Killard House Special School Choir – Hallelujah

  1. Northern Ireland puts a special needs child to lead the choir on such a special moment. Meanwhile, in America, our president makes fun of the disabled by mocking their deficiencies. I… AM… SO… EMBARRASSED.

    • YOU don’t need to be, unless, of course, you voted for him. Trump should be the embarrassed one, he is a bigoted, idiotic, greedy and selfish individual.
      On the other hand, this young girl is amazing, she is a star in the making.
      My dad was disabled, due to Spina Bifida and also being a bilateral amputee, however, he said that he wasn’t disabled, he was differently enabled. DISabled to me means that they can’t do something, however, saying that someone is differently enabled allows them to show their strengths or their own individual skills and abilities, such as that amazing young lady. To be honest, her rendition brought tears to my eyes…


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