6 thoughts on “A televangelist’s view…”

    • A Scot speaking I think.
      I also think this is shite because I have a friend who’s father was a typesetter who realised the pamphlet he was setting was for a rich evangelist and became one too.
      My friend was chucked out of the family for playing guitar, as in classical guitar, while his brothers joined up with pappy and got rich too.
      Big houses and swimming pools etc. in Northern Ireland.
      A whole family of hypocritic parasites who would quite happily walk past a poor person unless there was a camera on them.

    • So, you are denying that this happened? The Occupy Democrats site is bringing this to people’s attention. These guys are republicans, sure as sh*t.

  1. Democrat. Republican. Televangelist. Whatever. Jesus said it best for those who go after the riches of this world: “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” – Mark 8:36


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