A confession about ‘The Walking Dead’

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you haven’t watched the last episode.

I never read the comics but with everyone talking about the show The Walking Dead I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  So we started at the beginning a few years ago and binged watched the first five seasons.  Then we started watching every week.  I like the show and like some characters more than others. (I also like the show Talking Dead which airs afterward) But one character I consistently disliked was Rick’s son Carl. Carl is played by Chandler Riggs, who I have no problem with as an actor. I just really don’t like the character. Every time they killed off a regular cast member I would say, why couldn’t that have been Carl.  So many good actors and well-played characters were just killed off, and some quite shockingly. Herschel, Beth, Shane, Laurie, Abraham, Glen just to name a few. 

Well, lo and behold, I got an early Christmas present when in Sunday night’s episode, the half-season finale, it was revealed that Carl had been bitten by a ‘walker’, meaning that he was going to die. I actually shouted, “Yipee Ki Yay, mother…”. You can complete that phrase if you want to.  

Now we have to wait until the end of February for the rest of the season to return to actually see him die.

Pass the popcorn!



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  1. I’ve only watched a few scenes from the first season of Walking Dead; The show is filmed mostly in Georgia and several of the scenes; particularly during the first season were filmed right outside my office (in an area known as “the gulch”) which has also been used in some of the Marvel Movies (such as the shanty town that’s supposedly in “Lagos” that was seen just after the theft of the ‘biological weapon’ at the beginning of “Captain America: Civil War”) – We watched them filming that scene from our office window. – One scene I remember watching them film from TWD (Season One) took place on the roof of a building next to some large air conditioners on the rooftop; I can see that roof from my desk. (I mostly work from home now; but I was still working on site at the time) – it was a rather lengthy scene and they were shooting zombies from a position on the rooftop.

    edit: found a youtube clip from that scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf4MfWxI_d0

    the vantage shown in the beginning of the clip has the Federal Building on the right with the “AJC” offices in front of it (that is the windowless cubicle building on the right side) – the tall building on the left is the same building seen when Scarlett Witch accidentally blew a hole in the side of the building during the scene I mentioned from Captain America: Civil War). You can also see Philipps Arena in the background/

    • This is the rooftop where that was filmed – https://www.google.com/maps/@33.751306,-84.3968837,81m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

      This video shows that scene a lot better than that first link (that appears to just have one stillshot from that scene). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpN3xl1pO3Q

      The parking lot immediately to the left of that rooftop is where they setup the ‘lagos’ open air market in Civil War. – Note that the building that is shown being damaged by the bomb during that same scene in Civil War is not the one right next to the parking lot but is actually a building just north of that parking lot (with some enhanced special effects)

      I also used to work in the same building that Hank Pym drove a tank out of in the “Ant Man” movie a few years ago. That building was imploded earlier this year because it was sinking into the ground but was used for the exterior shots of the “Pym Building” (the headquarters of Pym Industries) in that film.

  2. I laughed at your hatred for the character, I’ve felt that way in other shows, sometimes those shit characters ruin the show for me.

    I’m surprised people made it past season 2 of the walking dead, man that was so boring. Then season 3 wasn’t much better.

  3. See now, if you’d read the comics you’d know that it turns out Carl is immune to the zombie virus and fully recovers. His eye even grows back. After Rick is killed Carl takes his place and becomes the leader of the group. Just kidding!


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