Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Looks like it’s going to be a little above normal for the week ahead here in St. Louis.

The weekend: Hard to believe the weekend is just now here.  With the Thanksgiving holiday, it seems like the weekend should be about over by now. Yet, here we have a Saturday and Sunday to go.  We went to an old-fashioned 3 pin bowling alley on Friday night with friends.  We have nothing at all planned for Saturday and Sunday.  I’ll be pre-blogging and working on some videos.

The week ahead: On Thursday I’ll be driving to Nashville Tennessee (about four and a half hours) for a blogging conference to be held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I’ll be driving home on Monday.  I’m trying to preblog so I won’t have too much to do while traveling.

Binging: We’re about halfway through the first season of The Punisher on Netflix. We finished Stranger Things 2 last week.  Still working on Longmire.  

That’s it from  B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

7 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

    • Apparently, it’s called cocked hat bowling, which I didn’t know until just now when I Googled it. The videos below are at the place we went to in St. Charles, a suburb of St. Louis. The bowling is in the basement under the bar.

      The ceiling in the place is just over 6 feet and even less in some areas, so us taller people have to be careful where and how we walk around. We rent the alley for 4 hours and bring in snacks to share and buy our drinks from the bar.

  1. Are you going to see Revy or is he going to be hiding behind something? Be berry, berry careful!!! And give him a kiss from me. lol

  2. The game seems to use a Duckpin ball, which is a game using ten small bowling pins and a small ball without finger holes. I haven’t seen a Duckpin bowling alley since I was a kid.

    • Yes, the holeless ball is about 5 inches in diameter and probably weighs about a pound or so. We’ve been going here on the night after Thanksgiving for about ten years now. We usually have 20 to 30 people each year. It’s a fun time with friends.


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