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  1. Corn. You can:
    Eat it: And in so many ways!
    As sweet corn: On the cob, in niblets, grilled, boiled, steamed, creamed, as baby corn…
    As ground corn: In grits and its friends (polenta, pap, nshima, congee…), in cornbread, in fritters, in awful junk foods, as tortillas, as tortilla chips, in your breakfast cereal (cornflakes!), in the delicious batter on your awful corndog…
    As oil (to fry half of the things mentioned above).
    Or as starch to thicken your gravy, soup, or whatever.
    Or as syrup for sweetening sugary foods.
    Or combine oil + kernels and Pass the Popcorn.
    You can even eat the silk! (One episode of Iron Chef Japan had Sakai deep-frying it to make an edible decoration for his dish—to the confusion and then delight of the tasters.)
    Drink it: As high-fructose corn syrup (meh), or in beer (blech), as Chicha (both without and with alcohol) or in corn liquor (Moonshine!), or take that and age it in toasted barrels (bourbon!).
    Feed it to your animals: They eat it right up and get nice and fat for the slaughter.
    It also makes a nice hunting bait for this reason. You can even age it so that only certain species are interested in it.
    Burn it: Either by burning ethanol distilled from the kernels or by burning the “waste products” (e.g. cobs and husks). The former sees use in cars and other applications; the latter was traditional in the Americas for a very long time (cobs and husks make great kindling).
    Wear it: Either by weaving/braiding strips of husks (hats, shoes, handbags and more can be made this way) or by manufacturing textile fibers from material extracted from the plant.
    Extract starch from it: Other than the culinary uses, the starch can be used for more than just stiffening shirts.
    Extract oil from it: Like the starch, the oil has many more uses than the obvious ones like burning and cooking.
    Smoke out of it: Corncob pipes!
    Have fun in it: If you plant your field right, you have a maize maze.
    Treat yourself with it: Corn silk is a common herbal supplement. And half the stuff sold in pharmacies probably contains corn.
    Decorate your house with it: In the autumn.
    Film it: Because fields of it are great settings for suspenseful movie scenes.
    Piddle on it: If you’re a pet whose litter box is filled with shredded corn-cob litter.
    Even play music with it!
    And back in the 19th century, you’d find corncobs used as toilet paper and corn husks used as packing material. No wonder maize is the world’s biggest crop.
    The United States is often described as having a “corn based economy” given how much corn is produced and how many of the above uses said corn is put to, feeding the population and supplying all sorts of other industries.

    (From TVTropes; http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MultipurposeMonoculturedCrop )

    Your move, spudboy.


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