6 thoughts on “New car… nine minutes later

  1. We bought a new (to us) minivan from a dealership when the kids were young. After making all the arrangements, I drove it away from the lot. One block away I stopped at a red light and got hit in the back by a stoner. It was a light to medium tap that messed up the paint on the bumper and made it sag an inch on one side. He was uninsured and skipped town afterwards, Bottom line was I drove it like that for about 7 years.

    • When I bought my ’96 Ford Ranger, I was pulling out of the dealership and almost got clipped by another vehicle. I escaped that one, but six months later I was driving to a job in the desert, through the mountains east of here.

      Coming around a blind turn, towards the sun, looked like the vehicle coming towards me was across the line so I veered to the right. I hit a rock outcropping, on my rear passenger side. The truck bounced off, I made it worse by slamming on the brakes. I went into a skid, heading towards a drop off. Lost control, took my hands off the wheel, told Jesus to take the wheel ( Carry Underwood, good song).

      Luckily, the cliff had a soft berm, my truck went off and sunk in. I got out, looked down, there was a ~1000 foot drop. I figured it about 3 football fields. I went to the back of the truck, hanging about 4 foot off the cliff, and was able to pull it back to the ground, but there was no one to drive it back off the edge.

      No cellphone reception in those days, I took the long walk to a trailer park I had passed, called a tow service. When we got back, there were flares out and half a dozen cars pulled over. Everyone was down at the bottom looking for a body. They figured I stepped out of the truck and fell down. Sort of funny in hindsight.


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