Fall in St. Louis

While they predicted that fall foliage wasn’t going to be as colorful this year, a little rain brought out the colors on Sunday afternoon as we returned home to the St. Louis area from our trip to Atchison Kansas. Click to enlarge images.




8 thoughts on “Fall in St. Louis”

  1. Beautiful! When we lived back east, fall was always my favorite time of year. I loved the changing of the trees, and I loved scuffling through fallen leaves on the sidewalks.

    • I used to hate fall because it meant everything was dying. I’ve learned to really like fall now because of the colors and cooler days, but I still don’t think I’ll ever ‘like’ winter. I do enjoy the first snow of the year and especially right at Christmas, but I don’t care at all for the freezing temperatures and ice that inevitably comes.

  2. Just going out this morning and the trees aren’t that pretty today. I think the rain really enhances the colors, it brings out the dark barks and brightness or the leaves.

  3. All weekend, as I was driving I noticed the colors and thought about how you guys are probably really enjoying seeing them on your long drive 🙂

    • It wasn’t really that spectacular until we ran into the rain as we got close to home. The rain really enhanced the colors.


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