10 thoughts on “Who would you side with?

  1. That cop was using his authority to badger a citizen. The motorcycle driver was not expressing road rage. The cop was expressing very aggressive attitude. He should be reprimanded at the very least.

  2. Yes, I did see “Road Rage”, but on the part of the police officer. A bit of abuse of power, perhaps too.

  3. The cop does beg the question: if the use of the horn is road rage, why do they continue to equip vehicles with the horn? (But I definitely do agree with the Danny S, the road rage is all in the cop. And nowadays we are responsible for how our actions make other people react. But the reactors are not responsible for their reactions.

  4. I gotta go with the biker on this one. That wasn’t even a Stop sign there, that was a Yield sign. If you’re stopped at a Yield, and it’s clear to go, you gotta go. Otherwise, you’re impeding traffic. If the cop (or fire truck or ambulance) doesn’t have his blue lights flashing and isn’t in hot pursuit, he’s gotta obey the same rules of the road as the rest of us peons. He can’t just stop in traffic to make a phone call, even if it is police-related. And don’t cop cars out there have radios? How do we know the call was police-related? The cop may have been guilty of distracted driving AND impeding traffic.

    • I agree with you. I have a lot of respect for the police and the dangerous job they have to do. But this guy took advantage of his authority and makes other cops look bad. He tried to bully the biker. He may have good cop qualities but they weren’t on display during this interaction.

  5. I partly agree with Beverley…if horns are considered road rage why the heck to they still install them in cars. That said I use my horn …someone is on their cell and the light is green I mean green my horn says You there it’s not going to get any greener, someone pulls out on top of me and I have no place to go I use my horn to warn them. So what are horns for? Perhaps some one can riddle me this

  6. Horns are to let drivers know you are there. For example, on a blind bend. They are not supposed to be used to alert people, show your displeasure or to show off to your mates

  7. James,
    So if a driver in front of me is paying more attention to his phone than the traffic light I’m just suppose to sit there when the light turns green cause a horn is not to be used to alert people. I have no idea where you live but where I live you might be sitting there quite a while waiting for phone person to finish what they are doing.

  8. I’m from London, England. No, you mistook the law for common sense there. You use your horn to alert them obviously but someone asked what the horn is “supposed” to be for (oh right, that was you)


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