Las Vegas Strong

The theme for the memorial that sprung up around the iconic Welcome To Las Vegas sign has become Vegas Strong. As a matter of fact, it seems to be the theme of this great city and the people in it.

Hundreds of people are drawn to the memorial site.  

There are 58 wooden white crosses, one for each of those lost in the senseless terrorist act of just two weeks ago.  You can barely see the crosses because of all the signs, photos, and other things left on and around them.

The windows that the shooter broke out on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel are now boarded up and a Vegas Strong banner hangs from the top of the hotel.

Police are guarding the gates of the Route 91 Festival site across the street.

A sad day for Las Vegas and a sad day for America.  But the spirit of the people here quite inspirational.



1 thought on “Las Vegas Strong”

  1. When we returned to our hotel about 8 pm tonight there were hundreds of people and maybe a dozen police vehicles with emergency lights flashing in front of the place. I was thinking something might have happened but soon discovered they were preparing to walk from almost one end of the strip to the Mandalay Bay Hotel as a memorial to those slain in the shooting. Kinda tugs at your heart.


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