8 thoughts on “I am officially ‘Older Than Dirt’

  1. I don’t remember any of that. I am older than dirt! Stupid alzheimers…

    New game. What things do you think will be on this list 50 years from now?

    • Humans driving cars, self-driving will have probably taken over by then
    • Flat TVs, instead of ones you can roll up or hang on the wall like a poster
    • No humans on Mars, Musk wants to send us there as soon as possible
    • Department stores, online shopping and 3D printing will take over
    • Cellphones, implants will inject audio and video right into your cortex

  2. I’m getting there; I remembered 15 of those items.

    Kevin: I think another item on your list is a landline phone.

  3. I remember all of them. I preferred Teaberry gum to Blackjack though. I also remember packs of chewing gum with baseball cards inside, telephone booths, vent windows on the front doors of cars, curb feelers, the neighborhood Good Humor ice cream truck and .25 haircuts.

  4. II don’t remember Howdy Doody or news reels, other than that I am older than dirt. I always preferred Fruit Stripe gum over Black Jack but Black Jack was more fun for making it look like you were missing a tooth.


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