Dinner with Nevada friends

Barb and Paul who live in Mesquite Nevada and were instrumental in helping with our Las Vegas gathering in 2012 made the 45-minute drive to St. George Utah to watch a couple of games today.  And we won those two games so they’re obligated to continue coming. 🙂  After three games we went to dinner at the Gun Barrel Steakhouse in St. George. 



3 thoughts on “Dinner with Nevada friends

  1. Great to see a picture of all of you! Fond memories of all of us in Vegas. I hope you win the tourney Mrs. Patco!!

  2. Were your ears burning? We were talking about you and the rest of the group from the Las Vegas gathering. Recognize the t-shirt I’m wearing?
    We didn’t have anything to do with the team’s winning but as long as we aren’t a jinx we’re happy to fulfill our obligation.
    Good luck today, Pat

    • Ears weren’t burning at all, Barb. I had a great time in Vegas, nothing but good people and fun times. I still wear my t-shirt too. I baby that one. I also still use the little notepad holder that you and Paul gave me, it’s in my purse. 🙂


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