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  1. Well – I’m Canadian and we don’t carry guns. But, I’ve heard that in the States any person may carry a gun. If, while carrying that gun, you sense someone is a threat to your life, it’s quite legal to whip out the gun and shoot that person. No repercussions as you killed that person in self-defense. Yet, if a person walks from one square of dirt to another square of dirt in order to save their life, that is not only illegal, but the person will be arrested, thrown in jail, demeaned as a criminal and sent back to again face the life-threatening prospect.
    What the H#&& did they do that is so “illegal”? Did the person do anything criminal? Unlikely. Did they contribute positively to society? Probably. Honestly, I don’t understand hatred simply based on the square of land on which someone was born. I sure hope that changes.

    • Diane, while I agree with most of what you say, you can’t just shoot someone here because you feel threatened and there will be no repercussions. It has to be proven that your life was in danger. It’s a very slippery slope and some people get away with it and some are sentenced to long prison terms. Some states don’t allow you to carry a gun.

      Five states (California, Florida, Illinois New York, and South Carolina), as well as the District of Columbia, generally prohibit people from openly carrying handguns in public places. Thirty-one states allow the open carrying of a handgun without any license or permit, although in some cases the gun must be unloaded. Fifteen states require some form of license or permit in order to openly carry a handgun.

      via http://lawcenter.giffords.org/gun-laws/policy-areas/guns-in-public/open-carry/

      • Thanks, Jonco
        I must admit that I’m shocked that there is such discrepancy in the laws from one State to another. That must make it very confusing for anyone trying to figure out what an open-carry gun owner’s intentions are.
        Even where open-carry is not allowed, aren’t citizens still allowed to carry a gun in their purse / waistband / sock or whatever? or is that considered ‘open’ as well?
        To me, if a person has a gun, the choice to use it is there. When confronted with a dubious situation, that option would be the first to spring to mind, ahead of calmer or more diplomatic responses, even ahead of realizing that the threat did not in reality exist.
        While we’ve all heard of cases where someone with a gun saved the day, we have also heard many more cases where a person was shot and died due to a mistake or an error in judgement. Yet the repercussions in those cases still seem much more lenient than for the victims of the fierce rhetoric for nothing more than simply changing locations.

        • ‘Open Carry’ means that the gun is visible. In the states that allow ‘Concealed Carry’, you have to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

          • Thank you, Jonco, for your patience 🙂 I appreciate the explanations. I don’t think I’ll ever understand some people’s willingness to criticize a person for wanting to escape from danger while at the same time, accepting someone they know putting others in constant danger. Maybe it’s just a matter of viewpoint.
            Thanks again.

            • It’s a bit difficult to prove that your life “was not in danger” when the other person is dead from their gunshot wound. Because dead men tell no tales. Let that sink in and you’ll understand what’s wrong with America!


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