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3 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump

  1. Not sure why, but for the past couple of years pluralizing last names has become an issue. Us Joneses have never had a problem, but we’ve received some weird versions in the mail. The worst is To the Jones’s, but they never finish it… the Jones’s what? I’ve also seen To the Jones’es, & To the Jones’.

    I absolutely can not believe how many people use an apostrophe to make words plural. And maybe how many people don’t even know what ‘plural’ means.

  2. I worked at Penney’s Portrait Studio for several years, and every year Christmas drove me insane, helping people decide what they wanted their card to say, and then having to argue with them about the proper way to pluralize their name. A compromise I used many many many times was to suggest they put “The X Family”, instead of “The X’s”. (sic)


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